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1. Any of various passerine, chiefly tropical Old World songbirds of the family Pycnonotidae, most of which have grayish or brownish plumage.
2. A songbird often mentioned in Persian poetry and thought to be a nightingale.

[Persian, from Arabic.]


1. (Animals) any songbird of the family Pycnonotidae of tropical Africa and Asia, having brown plumage and, in many species, a distinct crest
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a songbird, taken to be the nightingale, often mentioned in Persian poetry
[C18: via Persian from Arabic]


(ˈbʊl bʊl)

1. any of various medium-sized songbirds of the family Pycnonotidae, inhabiting warmer regions east to the Moluccas.
2. a songbird often mentioned in Persian poetry.
[1775–85; < Persian]
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Noun1.bulbul - nightingale spoken of in Persian poetrybulbul - nightingale spoken of in Persian poetry
Luscinia megarhynchos, nightingale - European songbird noted for its melodious nocturnal song
tepeli bülbül


(ˈbulbul) noun
a songbird of Asia or Africa.
References in classic literature ?
He would storm at her, she was certain; and before all the company; and then she should never help crying: it was so dreadful to think she had come to that, after the bulbul and everything
This was the second step in a downward course, all owing to a young woman's being out of harmony with her circumstances, yearning after renegades and bulbuls, and being subject to claims from a veterinary surgeon fond of mince-pies.
Emma was a regular County Bulbul, and her verses in the Hampshire Telegraph were the glory of its Poet's Corner.
Notably, Azercell's Exclusive shops serve customers in Baku (located at 5 Bulbul Avenue, 30\42 Gara Garayev Avenue), Khirdalan (located at 54, Mehdi Huseyn Street, H.
After Bulbul released, I've been getting very good acting offers.
She faced the cameras last for a short film titled Bulbul.
Dr Al Mohannadi, who heads the Environment Friends Society (EFS), said laws on protecting endangered species in the country such as Bahrain's national bird, the whitecheeked bulbul were regularly violated by illegal traders, who were rarely punished.
Heavy bombardment was launched by the forces of the Turkish regime and its mercenaries on the residential neighborhoods in the city of Afrin and citizens' houses and farms in the villages of the areas of Jandieras, Bulbul, and Rajo, local sources told SANA.
Along the way hikers are encouraged to keep an eye out for endemic wildlife, as the area is home to birds such as the Seychelles bulbul, swiftlet and sunbird, as well the worlds smallest frog, which is only 1cm in length.
The red-vented bulbul is an introduced species from the Indian subcontinent.
Journalists' representatives of the board are president of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul and BFUJ secretary general Omar Faruk.
This comes as the Free Syrian Army announced its control of the town of Aboudan in the northern countryside of Afrin with the support of the Turkish forces, after clashes with the Kurdish units on the axis of Bulbul region north of Afrin.