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 (bo͞ol-gō′gē, po͞ol-)
A Korean dish made from sliced beef that has been marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, and other ingredients and grilled, usually eaten by wrapping the meat and accompanying condiments with lettuce leaves into bite-sized morsels.

[Korean : bul, fire (from Middle Korean pı̷r) + gogi, meat (from Middle Korean kòkí), so called because the dish is traditionally grilled over an open flame.]
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But it kept the set menu prices of its signature Whopper and Bulgogi Whopper unchanged at 7,700 won.
Korean dishes like samgyeopsal, bulgogi, bibimbap, mandu and their barbeque are must-tries
The key word is 'unlimited' -meaning, unlimited servings of popular Korean barbecues and Japanese dishes, from daepae and bulgogi to rolled sushi to temaki.
What will make family-owned Sakura stand out in a competitive market is an all-you-can-eat sushi menu at lunch and dinner that includes other items such as miso soup, Korean beef known as bulgogi and chicken teriyaki, the Lees said after Monday's council session.
During the Olympics, which start on February 9, the temporary eatery will serve three meals daily, including Korean-style bulgogi beef, schnitzel, hot dogs and vegetarian items.
The company is offering opportunities to franchise its five concepts: Bulgogi Brothers, Denny's, Baker and Cook, Ka Tunying's Cafe and Fish and Co.
The group opened Bulgogi Brothers in Evia Lifestyle Center; TGI Fridays in Southwoods; Denny's in Eastwood; and TGIFridays in Cebu; as well as recent news on The Bistro Group foray into sub- franchising of five of its concepts namely, Bulgogi Brothers, Denny's, Baker & Cook, Ka Tunying's CafA@ and Fish & Co.
The menu includes worldwide favourites such as the brand's signature katsu curry (chicken or vegetables in crispy panko breadcrumbs served with aromatic curry sauce, sticky white rice and side salad) as well as dishes synonymous with flavours and countries such as Korea for example steak bulgogi (known as Korean barbecue beef), a dish which translates to 'fire meat'.
President Suji Park established operations in Nebraska to partner with the University Food Processing Center to develop market-ready bulgogi products and complete final product development and design for Korean food products sold in the United States.
Whether you start with a breakfast of date-sweetened Sticky Toffee Waffles, amp up a Wild Mushroom Shepherd's Pie with porcinis, make Korean-fusion Sizzling Beef Bulgogi Tacos or bake Caramelized Plum Tartlets, Perelman's recipes are always a delight.
5 Chicken Parmesan Michael Angelo's Eggplant 10 260 11 6 Parmesan Michael Angelo's Lasagna with 10 390 16 7 Meat Sauce [check]Saffron Road Beef 10 330 12 2 Bulgogi [check] Saffron Road Chicken 10 310 8 1.
or, "Back awaaay from the bulgogi and nobody gets hurt