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1. A protruding part; an outward curve or swelling.
2. Nautical A bilge.
3. A sudden, usually temporary increase in number or quantity: The baby boom created a bulge in school enrollment.
v. bulged, bulg·ing, bulg·es
To swell, protrude, or curve outward: a wall bulging after a flood; muscles bulging under a shirt.
To cause to bulge.

[Middle English, pouch, from Old French bulge, bouge, from Latin bulga, bag, of Celtic origin; see bhelgh- in Indo-European roots.]

bulg′i·ness n.
bulg′y adj.
Synonyms: bulge, balloon, belly, jut, project, protrude
These verbs mean to curve, spread, or extend outward past the normal or usual limit: a wallet bulging with money; a clown's pants that ballooned at the waist; a sail bellying in the wind; a boulder jutting from the hillside; a deck that projected from the house in back; eyes protruding from their sockets in astonishment.


(ˈbʌl dʒi)

adj. bulg•i•er, bulg•i•est.
tending to bulge; having a bulge.
bulg′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.bulgy - curving outwardbulgy - curving outward      
protrusive - thrusting outward
References in classic literature ?
Whoever at present drip, like bulgy bottles out of all-too-small necks:--of such bottles at present one willingly breaketh the necks.
Keggs was a man--one must use that word, though it seems grossly inadequate--of medium height, pigeon-toed at the base, bulgy half-way up, and bald at the apex.
And Fatty, alias Percival Delaney, a grotesque of manhood, put his bulgy hand to his puffed lips and kissed audibly into the starry vault of the sky.
He put the plates down on a sideboard, stuffed the silver in his breast pocket, giving it a bulgy look, and ran like a hare (I heard him coming) till he came to the cloak room.
Unless you have surgery, which, as much as I don't revel in having a weirdy, inward-pointing toe and a slightly bulgy bit on my foot, feels entirely disproportionate to the problem (bones being broken and reset, not being able to walk for six weeks, a year to fully recover, those sort of larks).
With subjective examination, she was diagnosed with phenotypical characteristics of congenital osteogenesis imperfecta: triangular face shape, dentonogenesis imperfecta, bulgy chest shape, shortened, arch-like curved bottom limbs, deformed left humerus, and characteristics of right hip-joint dislocation.
But thankfully, the "beauty" mode is no longer the default; gone is the unnaturally smooth skin and bulgy eyes.
The surge in the popularity of certain bulgy eyed breeds has resulted in us seeing far more ocular damage than ever before.
There was too much material at the sides of the cups, and it made her look bulgy.
While most of the other battery packs are a menace with their rather bulgy dimensions, the Samsung battery pack is perfectly portable in every situation, easily slidable into your pants' pocket.
That phone had the same bulgy sides and a similar matte back.