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 (bo͝o-lĭm′ə-rĕk′sē-ə, -lē′mə-, bo͞o-, byo͞o-)

bu·lim′a·rex′ic adj. & n.


(byuˈlɪm i ə, -ˈli mi ə, bu-)

1. Also called bulim′ia ner•vo′sa (nɜrˈvoʊ sə) a habitual disturbance in eating behavior characterized by bouts of excessive eating followed by self-induced vomiting, purging with laxatives, strenuous exercise, or fasting.
2. Also called hyperphagia. abnormally voracious appetite or unnaturally constant hunger.
[1590–1600; earlier b(o)ulimy < Greek boulīmía extreme hunger]
bu•lim′ic, adj., n.
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Noun1.bulimarexia - a disorder of eating in which the person alternates between strong craving for food and aversion to food; characterized by excessive eating followed by periods of fasting or self-induced vomiting
eating disorder - a disorder of the normal eating routine
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For a brief moment, Laura is able to transcend patriarchal labels in a most supernatural or rather unnatural way by behaving like a bulimarexic, lesbian nymphomaniac, but in the end she conforms to social expectations by getting married and bearing children.
A young girl who at 17 was anorexic, at 19 was raped, at 20 was bulimic, at 25 was bulimarexic, who had two abortions before her 30th birthday and who spent the first year of her Thirties with a binge eating disorder and clinical depression, with her head either stuck in the fridge or down the toilet.