bulkie roll

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bulk·ie roll

also bulk·y roll  (bŭl′kē)
n. New England
A medium-sized bread roll with a slightly crispy crust that is often used for sandwiches and hamburgers.

[Polish bul̷ki, pl. of bul̷ka, bread roll.]
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Meatball grinder on a bulkie roll, potato wedges, frosted cake, fruit and milk.
Alternative: turkey and cheese on a whole wheat bulkie roll.
Meatball grinder on a fresh bulkie roll, spinach and cranberry salad, potato chips, fruit and milk.
It usually comes on a bulkie roll, but other types of bread are available.
Served warm, it includes grilled chicken, bacon, melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mustard on a bulkie roll.