bulkie roll

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bulk·ie roll

also bulk·y roll  (bŭl′kē)
n. New England
A medium-sized bread roll with a slightly crispy crust that is often used for sandwiches and hamburgers.

[Polish bul̷ki, pl. of bul̷ka, bread roll.]
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Trouble is the stuff doesn't look good and a bulky roll isn't easy to juggle on a Grand Central away day.
A bulky roll of copper strip was lifted up in the centre of the chimney and fed down from the outside from the top.
It involves proper Bulgarian cash - but what looks like a bulky roll of notes turns out to be stuffed with cotton wool.
For those who have never experienced beef-on-weck, it's a high caloric sandwich made with kummelweck -- a bulky roll with coarse salt baked on top -- and combined with a mountain of hot roast beef slathered in thick gravy.
The portable, benchtop AirPouch FastWrap system produces cellular cushioning wrap and air-filled tubes on demand, reducing storage costs for large, bulky rolls of pre-filled protective wrapping material.