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The formerly popular sport of setting dogs to attack a chained bull and especially to seize it by the nose.


(General Sporting Terms) a type of blood sport involving the baiting of a bull by dogs


(ˈbʊlˌbeɪ tɪŋ)

the action or sport of setting dogs upon a bull in a pen or arena.
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Two months later, the paper revealed: "Our attention has been called to the horrid practice of bullbaiting, which, we are sorry to learn, still prevails in this neighbourhood.
Repulsed by cockfighting and bullbaiting, Boswell could not resist a human hanging.
Referring to the early 19thcentury he stated: ''At that period, as the classes were largely addicted to gaming, dueling, the patronage of sport and similar vanities, so were the masses very generally given over to cockfighting, Nearby Nineveh bullbaiting and other brutalities which they attempted to dignify by the name of 'sport'.
It seemed odd and somewhat distasteful, but not dissimilar to Birmingham's commemoration of its bullbaiting past in the Bull Ring and now in the Bullring.
The boxer is not an aggressive dog, but the breed's ancestors may have been used for bullbaiting, a sport in which chained bulls were set upon by fierce dogs.
Bullbaiting sites were often situated in or near the town square, usually near slaughtering and tanning areas.
The "furious pleasures" at the wakes included the drunkenness and riot mentioned by Hutton and were marked by the liberal exercise of sexual license and a spirited indulgence in blood sports--dog- and cockfighting, pugilism, and bear- and bullbaiting, for instance.
Yet under bulls the index has an entry for 'bulls and bullbaiting', where it misses one at p.
The literary scholar Harriet Ritvo has studied how the abolition of bullbaiting in the 1830s led fanciers to begin the bulldog's transformation to house pet and competitive show animal.