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A public spectacle, performed especially in Spain, Portugal, and parts of Latin America, in which a fighting bull is engaged in a series of traditional maneuvers culminating usually with the ceremonial execution of the bull by sword. In Portugal the bull is often fought from horseback and is not killed.

bull′fight′er n.
bull′fight′ing n.


(Bullfighting) a traditional Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American spectacle in which a matador, assisted by banderilleros and mounted picadors, baits and usually kills a bull in an arena
ˈbullˌfighter n
ˈbullˌfighting n



a traditional Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American spectacle in which a bull is fought in a prescribed way by a matador, assisted by banderilleros and picadors, and is usu. killed with a sword.
bull′fight`er, n.
bull′fight`ing, n.
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Noun1.bullfight - a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectaclebullfight - a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectacle; a matador baits and (usually) kills a bull in an arena before many spectators
novillada - a bullfight in which the bulls are less than four years old
spectacle - an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale
مُصارَعَةُ ثيران
býčí zápas
býčí zápas
boğa güreşi


[ˈbʊlfaɪt] Ncorrida f (de toros)


[ˈbʊlfaɪt] ncorrida f, course f de taureaux


[ˈbʊlˌfaɪt] ncorrida


(bul) noun
1. the male of the ox family and of the whale, walrus, elephant etc.
2. a bull's-eye.
ˈbullock (-lək) noun
1. a young bull.
2. a castrated bull, an ox, often used to pull bullock carts.
ˈbullfight noun
in Spain etc a fight between a bull and men on horseback and on foot.
ˈbullfighter noun
ˈbullring noun
the enclosed area where a bullfight takes place.
ˈbull's-eye noun
the centre of a target, especially in archery, darts etc.
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complains Leonardo Paez, one of La Jornada's bullfight critics, who claims Mexican bullfighting is in decline.
So, their stay in Madrid was prolonged and, as things quietened down, they went to a bullfight in the old bullring.
8220;On behalf of Children's Hospital and all the young patients who come through our doors every day for treatment, we would like to thank the California Portuguese Bloodless Bullfight Organization and the Carlos Vieira Foundation for their combined generous gift to the Children's Hospital Central California Oncology Fund.
Animal rights activists have united in opposition to the bullfight and have already staged several protests.
4) It clearly depicts a moment during an amateur bullfight since the bull's horn tips are padded and since none of the human participants are clothed in the traditional costumes of the matador and his aides.
On Wednesday afternoons, take in a bullfight, if you are so inclined.
Only after the German participated in a local bullfight after dinner was the Mexican willing to discuss business.
This is the first time that The Dead Toreador, now in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, and the Frick's Bullfight have been together, so to speak, since Incident in a Bullfight was returned to Manet's studio and reworked as two canvases.
This creative chronicle is dedicated to Gala, Dali's wife, who is seen in a cameolike apparition at the upper left; she looks disapprovingly at the bullfight scene while returning the young Dali's gaze.
Summary: The most appealing and unique aspect about the bullfight that happens at Fujairah is that there is no bloodshed.
Lee Joong-geun, county executive of Cheongdo, told reporters: "Spain's bullfight is between man and bull which assumes that man will defeat the bull.
Barcelona's El Monumental bullring will host its final bullfight on Sunday in front of 20,000 spectators.