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Having a short thick neck.

bull′neck′ n.


an enlarged neck



any of various ducks of the genus Aythya, as the scaups, canvasback, or ring-necked duck.
[1700–10, Amer.]
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But they were silent in amazement and expectation when they saw the mighty white ape wriggle upon the back of their king, and, with steel muscles tensed beneath the armpits of his antagonist, bear down mightily with his open palms upon the back of the thick bullneck, so that the king ape could but shriek in agony and flounder helplessly about upon the thick mat of jungle grass.
One individual, a gold chain hanging heavy round his bullneck, approached me yesterday and drawled: "You look like someone who needs a real good barbecue.
Eighty elementary, middle, and high school students planted riparian buffers along Bear and Bullneck creeks at Standsbury Pond, Chesterwood Park, Sussex Elementary, and Bear Creek Park.