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Noun1.bullrush - tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of downbullrush - tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down; its long flat leaves are used for making mats and chair seats; of North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa
cattail - tall erect herbs with sword-shaped leaves; cosmopolitan in fresh and salt marshes
2.bullrush - tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America
rush - grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems
genus Juncus, Juncus - type genus of the Juncaceae; perennial tufted glabrous marsh plants of temperate regions: rushes
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Michael Johnson, 30, of Bullrush Drive, Wirral, who admitted conspiracy to produce cannabis, was spared jail.
The banks, previously emerald, are now bruised with gold and ochre and the last heads of bullrush stand defiant, like soldiers, even as the teasels taunt and harry them.
A Five Day, One Hundred Mile Walk photograph, as well as Andy Goldsworthy's Bullrush Debris, a photograph created on site when he was the university's first artist in residence.
Performance Racing Division 1's race was won by New Zealand entry, Janine Robinson's Bullrush.
1 The Gerber Bullrush is a compact, well-designed multi-tool.
Choked with bullrush plants, the diversity of wildlife the pond contained - including aquatic animals, dragonflies, bats and water birds - was in decline.
The Gerber Bullrush caught my eye because it filled a glaring gap in my toolkit: a mid-sized multitool with big-boy capabilities.
BULLRUSH No way through for Bulls' Jarrod Sammut last night
A A dog's nose B A Turk's head C A bullrush D A sow's ear QUESTION 4 - for 4 points: Which spirit is used as the base for the liqueur Drambuie?
We also gave a name to a tree which overhangs Bullrush pool, on which we often sit and dangle our legs, and throw bits of bark into the water.
Long's bullrush is protected plant life at the site.