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tr.v. bum-rushed, bum-rush·ing, bum-rush·es Slang
To charge at or into (a person or place): groupies who bum-rushed the musician's dressing room.

[bum, tramp + rush.]


v.t. Slang.
to force one's way into; crash.
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When the man opened the door to let her in, he was suddenly bum-rushed by two male burglars who were waiting outside.
Those are the people who bum-rushed the stage and pushed us all the way over to the other side," added Catanzaro, who credited Khan s father and uncle with acting as peacemakers.
PAM's opening bell was supposed to have sounded this month, but the idea proved so plainly and immediately repugnant, members of the Bush administration quickly bum-rushed poor PAM out the door.
At the end of the session, he was bum-rushed by several 17-year master sergeants, like groupies at a rock concert, eager to paw one of his business cards and hear his perspectives on other topics.
As Jake presented Tony with the coveted trophy and the check, Tony's band Hell on Earth bum-rushed the stage, broke the video screen, and fumbled around for a while.
He bum-rushed me, and I scored off his mistake," Cautrell said.
TWO BRITISH LORDS allowed themselves to be brusquely bum-rushed from a London pub in July, for the crime of performing jazz without a license.
The unsuspecting victim opened the door only to be bum-rushed by two masked intruders.
I heard footsteps, and they kind of bum-rushed me from behind," he told ABC News.