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bum·ble 1

v. bum·bled, bum·bling, bum·bles
1. To speak in a faltering manner.
2. To move, act, or proceed clumsily. See Synonyms at blunder.
3. To make a buzzing sound.
1. To say (something) in a faltering manner.
2. To bungle; botch: bumble one's lines in a play.

[Perhaps blend of bungle and stumble.]

bum′bler n.

bum·ble 2

intr.v. bum·bled, bum·bling, bum·bles
To make a humming or droning sound; buzz.
A humming or droning sound; a buzz.

[Middle English bomblen, of imitative origin.]
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Noun1.bumbler - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetencebumbler - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence
incompetent, incompetent person - someone who is not competent to take effective action


nStümper(in) m(f) (pej), → Pfuscher(in) m(f) (pej)
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Do we really want this bumbler representing the Commonwealth?
The bumbler takes one of our culture's most muscular myths--that men are clueless--and weaponizes it into an alibi.
Brosnan's protagonist, Devereaux, a retired CIA veteran called back in for one last job, flits from Bondian superspy to headless bumbler to noble hero to amoral sociopath with remarkably little consistency, and his web of agency allies and enemies is as tangled as a Korean soap opera, and about as easy for non-speakers to understand.
Whereas Pegg was an uptight, overachieving cop there and Frost the bumbling sidekick, now it's Pegg who's the bumbler -- scruffy and unkempt, in a long black coat and dark shades, hilariously messed up.
The video for the latter is for Bumbler, the sound of sleep being blasted from your eyes.
Here every private citizen is a panicky, incompetent bumbler whose shooting technique is to point the gun in the direction of the threat, yank the trigger as quickly as possible until the gun stops firing, look at it in disbelief, and then throw it away.
The men clashed on the set, but Edwards allowed Sellers to make a bumbler out of Clouseau and move the character to the center of the plot.
And it was what he would do for most of the rest of his career, appearing in such comedies as Repossessed, a spoof of demonic possession movies like The Exorcist, and Mr Magoo, in which he played the title role of the good-natured bumbler.
His defence lawyers portrayed him as a talkative bumbler who was given bad advice but never received any illegal funds.
With a wry sense of humor, but often perceived as a bumbler in important affairs, WahidAAEs presidency stumbled.
Following in the tradition of Fred Greenstein's The Hidden Hand Presidency, the author of this book asserts that although President Eisenhower often appeared to be an inarticulate, uncommitted bumbler on racial matters, he in fact exercised strong leadership behind the scenes that resulted in significant achievements in the area of civil rights.