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tr.v. bum·fuz·zled, bum·fuz·zling, bum·fuz·zles Chiefly Southern US
To confuse: "The American people must be totally bumfuzzled; [we] keep announcing surpluses and we keep having budget fights" (Bill Clinton).

[Probably bum- (alteration, perhaps influenced by bum, of bamboozle) + fuzzle (perhaps blend of fuddle fuzzy).]


vb (tr)
to confuse
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He's going to make you feel so bad and bumfuzzled that you're going to want to incinerate your guns before President Clinton tells you to turn them in.
Mike Pence is surprised, frustrated, bewildered - even bumfuzzled, to use former University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere's word - that critics of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act say the new law will allow businesses to discriminate against lesbian and gay customers.
I am no all-thumbs-and-no-fingers, all-knees-and-elbows, all-left-feet, antigoddling, bumfuzzled, discombobulated, flusterated, or foozled bumpkin, clodhopper, counlry jake, hayseed, hick.