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adj. bump·i·er, bump·i·est
1. Covered with or full of bumps: a bumpy country road.
2. Marked by bumps and jolts; rough: a bumpy flight.

bump′i·ly adv.
bump′i·ness n.
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Noun1.bumpiness - the texture of a surface that has many bumps
raggedness, roughness - a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
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n (of surface)Unebenheit f, → Hubbeligkeit f (inf); (of road, drive)Holp(e)rigkeit f; (of flight)Böigkeit f
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Unlike length, the other five parameters (bumpiness, taper, butt taper, bow, and ovality) are all generated/calculated based on the diameter values measured along the log.
Overall, however, the picture has a nice sense of flow, with a multitude of tracks and dissolves that goes some way to mitigating the bumpiness of the narrative.
Of course, one set of problems is inevitably traded for another, and in this case the tradeoff involves sources of disturbance such as micrometeorites, solar radiation pressure, upper atmosphere drag, and the "bumpiness" in the gravitational gradient of the nonuniform Earth.
The study, which was published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, expands upon 2013 research that Williams coauthored, and attributes the increase in bumpiness to changes in the jet stream due to rising amounts of C[O.sub.2].
Scott brings the bumpiness and a no nonsense dancefloor groove.
rhythmic bumpiness service maybe without conducted and appreciable little or no changes in difficulty is altitude or encountered in attitude.
"We do as much as we can physically to prepare for the humidity but you can't train for the bumpiness of the circuit, so it's tough for us."
It would be an advantage if a more accurate description of a log's shape irregularities could be achieved, e.g., taper on different parts of the log, ovality on the top-part of the log, and bumpiness. The vSM's open architecture and the log features extent in the SPSB are elements that make this kind of achievement possible.
The layer of liquid molecules nearest to a solid surface will, to some extent, follow the bumpiness of that surface.
Intensity Definition Light Chop Slight, rapid rhythmic bumpiness without appreciable changes in altitude or attitude.
Any lumps, thickening or bumpiness in one breast or armpit - especially if this is new or different from the other side.
If these steps have the right orientation with respect to the silicon crystal lattice, then the inherent bumpiness of the slope doesn't produce dislocations that thread their way into the gallium arsenide layer.