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Crudely or loudly assertive; pushy.

[Perhaps blend of bump and presumptuous.]

bump′tious·ly adv.
bump′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.bumptiousness - offensive boldness and assertiveness
assertiveness, self-assertiveness - aggressive self-assurance; given to making bold assertions


References in classic literature ?
Crisparkle during the last re-matching of the china ornaments (in other words during her last annual visit to her sister), after a public occasion of a philanthropic nature, when certain devoted orphans of tender years had been glutted with plum buns, and plump bumptiousness. These were all the antecedents known in Minor Canon Corner of the coming pupils.
There is a blatant bumptiousness about a steam launch that has the knack of rousing every evil instinct in my nature, and I yearn for the good old days, when you could go about and tell people what you thought of them with a hatchet and a bow and arrows.
And Tom, notwithstanding his bumptiousness, felt friends with him at once, and began sucking in all his ways and prejudices, as fast as he could understand them.
Boris Johnson is the favourite, but many MPs dislike him for his bumptiousness and perceived unreliability.
Xi has junked this formula, and this bumptiousness has engendered blowback.
Decrying "this (Moscow Type) restriction," the thwarted businessman perversely went on to compare the bumptiousness of Inco's security to Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.
He may have been interested in protecting the peasant craftsman, but he disliked the rising middle class in India--'the new man, with great fluency, boundless bumptiousness and no manners'.
There is a bumptiousness to Scott, as he presumes on the tolerance of others to support his Quixotic quest to bring Christ's message to his men.