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(ˈbuːnə; ˈbjuː-)
(Chemical Engineering) trademark a synthetic rubber formed by polymerizing butadiene or by copolymerizing it with such compounds as acrylonitrile or styrene
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Noun1.buna - made by polymerizing butadiene
butadiene - a gaseous hydrocarbon C4H6; used in making synthetic rubbers
synthetic rubber, rubber - any of various synthetic elastic materials whose properties resemble natural rubber
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Mr Bardad said the worst affected secondary schools were Wajir Bor, Khorof, Kharar, Tarbaj, Korondile, Buna Boys, Buna Girls, Bute Girls, Bute Boys and Leheley.
During a meeting to review quality and pace of beautification project underway in Buna Sharif and Rehabilition and Beautification scheme of Defense Public Park, Bannu road, he said it was a unique programme of KP government on which billions of rupees were being spent to improve civic amenities and beautify divisional headquarters in the province.
Buna OCPD Maurice Gunda will move to Kwanza to replace Wilfred Mogere who has been transferred to Buna in Wajir county.
THINGS WERE UGLY AT BUNA, GONA, AND SANANANDA, as ugly as they could be, and far beyond anything folks back home could ever imagine.
During the hearing, the minister was accompanied by the Presidential Adviser, Pedro Ela Nguema Buna, and the Director General for Asia and the Pacific, Abraham Bibang Ncogo.
Cable Entry Sealing System--Compression fitting with Buna N grommet.
The interview was conducted in 1974 on behalf of the Auschwitz Museum, and the book describes his June 1941 arrest by the Nazis, his imprisonment in the Krakow Montelupich prison, his transfer to Auschwitz, his labor at the Buna factory, his transfer to the Jawischowitz labor subcamp and the new Auschwitz III-Monowitz camp, the evacuation of Auschwitz to KL Buchenwald in 1945, and his postwar experience.
One cultural motif that appears everywhere--as insidious as frankincense in the wind--is the coffee, or buna, ceremony.
Two rubber products have been developed as alternatives to Buna VSL 2438-2HM, said to be used widely at present in the tire industry.
These pumps have an oil-cooled and lubricated double mechanical seal design with SiC versus SiC faces and Buna N elastomers.
The innovations include two innovative SSBR product developments: Buna FX 3234A-2HM and Buna VSL 3038-2HM.
Benjamin Buna, security guard, and court aide Jeffrey Uban, were confirmed dead in the fire, which started 9:35 p.