buna rubber

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bu·na rubber

 (bo͞o′nə, byo͞o′-)
Any of a family of synthetic rubbers made from the polymerization of butadiene with a sodium catalyst. Copolymers including styrene or acrylonitrile are the most common members of this group.

[From Buna, former trademark for such rubber.]
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Noun1.buna rubber - made by polymerizing butadiene
butadiene - a gaseous hydrocarbon C4H6; used in making synthetic rubbers
synthetic rubber, rubber - any of various synthetic elastic materials whose properties resemble natural rubber
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That was my first success, as I made them out of buna rubber cord stock.
In 1935, German chemists produced the first of a series of synthetic rubbers known as "buna rubbers." One buna rubber, known as "Government rubber-styrene," or GR--S, would become the basis for synthetic rubber production by the United States during World War II.