bunch together

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Verb1.bunch together - form into a bunch; "The frightened children bunched together in the corner of the classroom"
cluster, constellate, flock, clump - come together as in a cluster or flock; "The poets constellate in this town every summer"

w>bunch together

vt sepzusammenfassen; (at random) → zusammenwürfeln; the girls/prisoners were sitting all bunched togetherdie Mädchen/Gefangenen saßen alle auf einem Haufen
vi (people)Grüppchen or einen Haufen bilden; (atoms)Cluster bilden; they bunched together for warmthsie kauerten sich aneinander, um sich zu wärmen; don’t bunch together, spread out!bleibt nicht alle auf einem Haufen, verteilt euch!
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That loss could have broken weaker teams, but coach Dan Quinn kept this bunch together and now theyre the only group in the six-team NFC field that also made the playoffs last season.
Or, bunch together shredded tissue paper in pastel colors.
As soon as they lose it they bunch together in fives and sixes.
And for the first time since getting this intrepid bunch together, Baldwin sounded an alarm: The clock is ticking fast and he needs everyone to come in healthy, particularly Jeff Chan and Marcio Lassiter, the team's outside guns.
That's not beyond the realms of possibility next season if they can keep the current bunch together.
To create this oversize arrangement, bunch together silver tree branches (Leucadendron argenteum) with tightly coiled fern fronds and Brunia laevis sprigs with white berries.
It is our job to assemble the best, Irish-qualified bunch together.
Her lines never connect; they bunch together like commuters on a train always preserving a smidgen of personal space.
Put a bunch together for a sparkling j bouquet or tie one on your bestie's locker handle.
Here's the reason why: If it turned purple, that would signal that the gold atoms had received electrons and used the donated energy to bunch together as small, purple-colored nanoparticles.
This is the strongest squad Cardiff City have had in many a year I want to keep this bunch together.
The Preview collections promise the usual abundance of florals and polka dots but it's the free-for-all graphic explosion that's grabbing our attention, with no one trend to bunch together to create what we could effectively call the new trend.