bunch up

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Verb1.bunch up - form into a bunch; "The frightened children bunched together in the corner of the classroom"
cluster, constellate, flock, clump - come together as in a cluster or flock; "The poets constellate in this town every summer"
2.bunch up - gather or cause to gather into a cluster; "She bunched her fingers into a fist"
form - assume a form or shape; "the water formed little beads"
agglomerate - form into one cluster

w>bunch up

vt sep
dress, skirtbauschen
(= put together) objectsauf einen Haufen legen
(= bunch together)Grüppchen or Haufen bilden; don’t bunch up so much, spread out!bleibt nicht alle auf einem Haufen, verteilt euch!
(material)sich bauschen