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a. A group of things growing close together; a cluster or clump: a bunch of grapes; grass growing in bunches.
b. A group of like items or individuals gathered or placed together: a bunch of keys on a ring; people standing around in bunches.
2. Informal A group of people usually having a common interest or association: My brother and his bunch are basketball fanatics.
3. Informal A considerable number or amount; a lot: a bunch of trouble; a whole bunch of food.
4. A small lump or swelling; a bump.
v. bunched, bunch·ing, bunch·es
1. To gather or form into a cluster: bunched my fingers into a fist.
2. To gather together into a group.
3. To gather (fabric) into folds.
1. To form a cluster or group: runners bunching up at the starting line.
2. To be gathered together in folds, as fabric.
3. To swell; protrude.

[Middle English bonche, probably from Flemish bondje, diminutive of bont, bundle, from Middle Dutch; see bundle.]

bunch′i·ness n.
bunch′y adj.


adj, bunchier or bunchiest
1. composed of or resembling bunches
2. bulging
ˈbunchiness n


(ˈbʌn tʃi)

adj. bunch•i•er, bunch•i•est.
1. having bunches.
2. bulging or protuberant.
bunch′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.bunchy - occurring close together in bunches or clusters
concentrated - gathered together or made less diffuse; "their concentrated efforts"; "his concentrated attention"; "concentrated study"; "a narrow thread of concentrated ore"
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Beyond this charmed circle, for miles on every side, stretches a weary desert of sand and gravel, which produces a gray bunchy shrub like sage-brush.
First is the attack of banana bunchy top virus that destroys the whole crop, and second is the low yield.
The first of these native traits to be at the commercialisation stage is tolerance to Cotton Bunchy Top disease; a viral disease, spread by the cotton aphid.
Ray Donovan" Season 5 also stars Paula Malcomson as Abby, Eddie Marsan as Terry, Dash Mihok as Bunchy, Steven Bauer as Avi, Katherine Moennig as Lena, Pooch Hall as Daryll and Devon Bagby as Conor.
In KOA group, joint cartilage demonstrated rough and irregular surface, yellow with loss of normal luster and elasticity and had distinct bunchy fiber changes, fracturing, eroded changes, softening and coloboma.
Banana production is also hampered by various crop viruses like bunchy top virus, diseases and pest attacks besides nutrition deficiencies.
Spread of banana bunchy top and other plant virus diseases in time and space.
Once crystal nucleus is formed in the polymer melt, the macromolecule chains are able to arrange orderly with crystal nucleus at the core and expand outward gradually and branch continuously to form bunchy sphaerocrystal morphology.
Dash Mihok has more than 70 acting credits, notably as the damaged brother Bunchy on Showtime's "Ray Donovan.
The complete breakdown of cohesive black political organization occurred when USO members shot and killed BPP leaders Bunchy Carter and John Huggins on the University of California Los Angeles campus in 1969.