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bund 1

An embankment or dike, especially in South Asia.

[Hindi band, from Persian, band of cloth, fastening, bund, from Middle Persian, bond, link, from Old Iranian *banda-; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots.]

bund 2

 (bo͝ond, bŭnd)
1. An association, especially a political association.
2. often Bund A pro-Nazi German-American organization of the 1930s.
3. often Bund A European Jewish socialist movement founded in Russia in 1897.

[German, from Middle High German bunt; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots.]

bund′ist n.


(in India and the Far East) n
1. (Civil Engineering) an embankment; dyke
2. (Civil Engineering) an embanked road or quay
[C19: from Hindi band, from Persian; related to Sanskrit bandha band1]


(bʊnd; German bʊnt)
n, pl Bunds or Bünde (German ˈbyndə)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (sometimes not capital) a federation or league
2. (Historical Terms) short for German American Bund, an organization of US Nazis and Nazi sympathizers in the 1930s and 1940s
3. (Historical Terms) an organization of socialist Jewish workers in Russia founded in 1897
4. (Historical Terms) the confederation of N German states, which existed from 1867–71
[C19: German; related to band2, bind]



1. (in S Asia and the Far East) an earthen dike built to restrain the movement of water, as along a river.
2. (often cap.) a street or road, often a main thoroughfare, atop such a construction.
[1805–15; < Hindi band < Persian: dam, levee; akin to bind, bond1]


(bʊnd, bʌnd)

1. an alliance or league, esp. a political society.
2. (cap.) a pro-Nazi organization, the German-American Volksbund, in the U.S. during the 1930s and early 1940s.
[< German: association, league]
bund′ist, n.
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Tender notice number : 01 of 2017-18_Field Bund, Peripheral Bund, Farm Po
He mentioned that deh Jamshoro and deh Sari (Qasimabad) are located inside the riverine (or katcha) area and protective bunds, while deh Malh and deh Gidu (Latifabad) fall in the area between the front dyke and loop bund.
Deputy Commissioner directed the officers of Irrigation department of Larkana district that they should realize their responsibilities, redouble their efforts and strengthen the sensitive points along the protective Bunds.
Soon enemy tank noises were heard coming from the direction of Fazilka-Sulaimanki (metal road) in the south heading towards the Gurmukhera Bridge along the bund and also from the eastern direction of Gurmukhera village.
President Awami Mahaz Rana Khalid Mehmood in a written statement to the press said that the contract for the repair of the choking bund was awarded to the contractor at Rs28600000 and only 25 percent work has so far been completed even though the contractor has been paid full amount without completion of the project by the irrigation department.
30-year German bund at 50 basis points would probably move higher and the price would move lower.
The accident happened on the Chenyi Square of Shanghai's bund area at around 11:35 pm.
Last night, Denbighshire Council said they are considering inserting a wall into the bund instead stressing work will be carried out "as quickly as possible.
David Slucki's study reassesses this prevailing historical narrative by examining the international effort to reconstitute the Bund in the aftermath of the war.
Bund 12 is a neoclassicist-style building completed in 1923 to house HSBC Headquarters.
On August 08, 2010, five breaches occurred in left marginal bund of Gudu Barrage and inundated areas near Bhong town with water accumulating along the newly constructed Reini Canal's bank.