bundle up

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1. A group of objects held together, as by tying or wrapping.
2. Something wrapped or tied up for carrying; a package.
3. Biology A cluster or strand of closely bound muscle or nerve fibers.
4. Botany A vascular bundle.
5. Informal
a. A large amount; a lot: had a bundle of fun at the dance.
b. A large sum of money: made a bundle selling real estate.
v. bun·dled, bun·dling, bun·dles
1. To tie, wrap, or gather together.
2. To dispatch or dispense of quickly and with little fuss; hustle: bundled the child off to school.
3. To dress (a person) warmly: bundled them up in winter clothes.
1. To hurry; hasten: The children came bundling in from outside.
2. To sleep in the same bed while fully clothed, a custom formerly practiced by engaged couples in New England and in Wales.
Phrasal Verb:
bundle up
To dress oneself warmly.
bundle of joy
A baby.
bundle of nerves
An extremely nervous person.

[Middle English bundel, probably from Middle Dutch bondel; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots.]

bun′dler n.

bundle up

vb (adverb)
1. to dress (somebody) warmly and snugly
2. (tr) to make (something) into a bundle or bundles, esp by tying
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Verb1.bundle up - make into a bundle; "he bundled up his few possessions"
pack - arrange in a container; "pack the books into the boxes"
2.bundle up - dress warmly; "Mother bundled up the children for the long way to school"
dress, get dressed - put on clothes; "we had to dress quickly"; "dress the patient"; "Can the child dress by herself?"


1. A number of individuals making up or considered a unit:
2. Informal. A large sum of money:
Slang: pile.
phrasal verb
bundle up
To put on warm clothes:

w>bundle up

vt sep (= tie into bundles)bündeln; (= collect hastily)zusammenraffen; bundled up in his overcoatin seinen Mantel eingehüllt or gemummelt (inf)
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