bungee cord

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bun·gee cord

An elasticized rubber cord, often fitted with hooks at the ends, used to fasten, bear weight, or absorb shock.

[From early 20th century slang bunjy, bungie, rubber eraser, of unknown origin.]

bun′gee cord`

(ˈbʌn dʒi)
an elasticized cord, typically with a hook at each end, used chiefly as a fastener. Also called bun′gee.
[1965–70; bungee rubber (of obscure orig.)]
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Noun1.bungee cord - an elasticized ropebungee cord - an elasticized rope      
rope - a strong line
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The district court reasoned that EPIC had been using the unit at the time of the accident because it had supplied allegedly defective equipment -- the tarp, bungee cord, and rolling staircase -- for the sole purpose of facilitating the loading and transporting of waste from PVSC.
In addition to its strength, the fibres also show very high damping capacity, meaning that they can absorb large amounts of energy, similar to a bungee cord.
The UE ROLL 2 has a bungee cord loop meaning it can hang be hung in the shower and attached to your belt loop, bike handles or backpack.
Equipped with a bungee cord loop, this already small and light speaker is portable and versatile.
But it's the bungee cord he is strapping to the ankles of nervous players that has given designer William Hunt the greatest satisfaction from his love affair with the game.
Langworthy survived, despite falling head-first into the rapids when her bungee cord snapped as she leaped from the 111m-high bridge on New Year's Eve.
I actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught into," she said.
There are a lot of older people near where I live, so I'll give them some of this," the 61-year-old man said, strapping two boxes onto his red bicycle with a bungee cord.
As a bungee cord is released and the toilet shoots into the air, cameras inside the flimsy structure capture the horrifying sight of the thrill-seeker being swamped in umpteen bodily fluids.
Then Jamie suggested using a bungee cord, so he controls the slack and I essentially use it to fly.
Obtained some bungee cord and placed it across the top of the cover and attaching it to either side of the 4 x 4post.