bungee cord

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bun·gee cord

An elasticized rubber cord, often fitted with hooks at the ends, used to fasten, bear weight, or absorb shock.

[From early 20th century slang bunjy, bungie, rubber eraser, of unknown origin.]

bun′gee cord`

(ˈbʌn dʒi)
an elasticized cord, typically with a hook at each end, used chiefly as a fastener. Also called bun′gee.
[1965–70; bungee rubber (of obscure orig.)]
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Noun1.bungee cord - an elasticized ropebungee cord - an elasticized rope      
rope - a strong line
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The solution is to use a bungee cord to secure the door to the platform above the grinder.
Pupils from Perry Beeches in Great Barr, Barr Beacon High in Great Barr, and St Thomas More Catholic in Willenhall, were challenged to calculate the correct length of bungee cord needed to safely complete a leap.
Other features of the pager, which is translucent and comes with a teal bungee cord, are: 10 numeric message slots, single-button operation, musical/silent/vibrate alert, hinged belt clip, low-battery alert, reminder alert and a top-mount backlit display.
So, earlier this year, on the final day of photography for 'Yes Man', a bungee cord was attached to the ankles of a nervous Carrey, who survived unscathed and left the studio suits breathing a sigh of relief.
This little doodad is part band clamp, part twist tie and part Bungee cord. The Flexclamp can temporarily or permanently clamp, squeeze or hold objects 1/2 to 4 in.
Terrified Barry said: "I will be absolutely and 100 per cent consumed by fear and my only lifeline will be the bungee cord.
Her text: "It's over, I'm sorry," just brings Bradley ricocheting back to her doorstep as though he's attached by a bungee cord. "I left work as soon as I got your text," he cries.
We use web straps with quick-release buckles, but something like a bungee cord would work too.
He said: "I've been making my very own bungee cord for the last few months now.