bunk off

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Verb1.bunk off - play truant from work or school; "The boy often plays hooky"
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); "they don't speak our lingo"
skip, cut - intentionally fail to attend; "cut class"

w>bunk off

vi (Brit Sch inf) → schwänzen
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Mullins, above, saddled two in the beginners chase and, after Townend's mount Bunk Off Early crashed, when holding every chance at the second last, Montalbano (David Mullins) proved too strong for the odds-on favourite De Plotting Shed.
JAMES CARR: Very limited on any sort of change being a listed building and expensive to maintain in the traditional method rules and regulations would be strict as this is our heritage and needs keeping MARIE IBBOTSON: Yes plz I would absolutely love it CERI GILLESPIE: Yes please ANDREW BAGGOTT: Absolutely RE TEACHERS IN GWYNEDD FACE SACK IF THEY BUNK OFF TO WATCH WALES PLAY IN THE EUROS MIZZY OLIVER: Got to agree that it should be put on in the schools.
Navan's super-stiff finish proved too much for the wellfancied Bunk Off Early in the mile handicap.
AN ANGRY dad has accused HMV of tempting pupils to bunk off school to make sure they see pop sensations JLS.
Another pupil, Martyn (Daniel Brocklebank), suggests Liz, Mike and two other friends bunk off a geography school trip and sneak off to a disused bomb shelter for three days where she'll have a chance to make her move.
The glamorous red car was made for the hit 1986 flick starring Matthew Broderick as a youngster who decides to bunk off school and have a day of fun.
Thenwere times when to put it mild Iwas a somewhat rebellious child and broke the most cardinal rule: "A girlmust never bunk off school" I'm older nowand wiser too And knowit's not the thing to do.
PARENTS who allow their children to bunk off school have been given a warning.
By working together, we can hopefully help change the habits of children who regularly bunk off.
According to Mr Smail, one of the biggest problems was with so-called condoned truancy, where pupils bunk off with parental knowledge.
So phone in sick, take a holiday day, bunk off university and school and get there if you can.
Mr Hood said: 'The high number of people planning to bunk off work during Euro 2004 is certainly concerning for small businesses.