bunny rabbit

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Noun1.bunny rabbit - (usually informal) especially a young rabbitbunny rabbit - (usually informal) especially a young rabbit
rabbit, cony, coney - any of various burrowing animals of the family Leporidae having long ears and short tails; some domesticated and raised for pets or food
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
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Another odd sighting is a supposed "bunny rabbit" that's scampering on one of the sandy plains of Planet Mars.
One day Bunny rabbit heard the loud barking of wild dogs.
Or a bunny rabbit? Because the Instagram luvvies all rave about animal yoga classes.
Snuggled down behind the rail that stands in front of the window was a small bunny rabbit.
Tommy was Elvis, Jim was a bunny rabbit, Sluggo was a viking and I was a fairy.
Tufty is a lovely bunny rabbit who is very friendly and easy to look after.
I remember watching the 1978 film as a kid on telly and thinking it would be a lovely bunny rabbit film - and it's not" Actress Gemma Arterton who stars in a new TV production of the
The 10ft x 10ft hand painted sign which showed a Bunny rabbit riding on a cycle holding a sign saying 'Welcome to biking Bunny' disappeared on Tuesday afternoon last week.
THERE'S a pink bunny rabbit in the corner of the room there.
Felt hanging egg bunny rabbit, PS2.50, John Lewis (johnlewis.com) Sitting hare in green, PS54, Out There Interiors (outthere interiors.com) Bloomingville Easter bunny porcelain votive with Happy Easter on reverse, set of three, PS24, Beaumonde.co.uk Swirly
Easter egg hanging decorations in wood, set of six, PS18; Glitter rabbits decorations, assorted, pack of two, PS4; Foam bird Easter decorations, assorted, PS5 each, felt hanging bunny rabbit, PS2.50; Easter hanging egg decoration, gold stripe, PS3.50; John Lewis (johnlewis.com)
ON TABLE: Talking Tables grass runner, PS18, Felt hanging egg bunny rabbit, PS2.50.