(bŭnt′lĭn, -līn′)
Any of a set of ropes used for lifting the foot of a square sail as it is hauled up for furling.

[bunt + line.]


(ˈbʌntlɪn; -ˌlaɪn)
(Nautical Terms) nautical one of several lines fastened to the foot of a square sail for hauling it up to the yard when furling
[C17: from bunt2 + line1]


(ˈbʌnt lɪn, -ˌlaɪn)

one of the ropes attached to the foot of a square sail to haul it up to the yard for furling.
References in classic literature ?
All hands obeyed, and at once the eight or ten seamen who composed the crew, sprang to their respective stations at the spanker brails and outhaul, topsail sheets and halyards, the jib downhaul, and the topsail clewlines and buntlines.
This year the Happy Trails Children's Foundation is honoring Hugh O'Brian as television's Wyatt Earp and Ned Buntline, writer and publisher of 19th-century dime novels, by giving away a pair of special single-action revolvers.
In the series, O'Brian introduced the Buntline Special as an integral part of the Earp legend.
Photos introduce the reader to historical figures--Ned Buntline, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull--and insert their lives into the legendary traveling show.
He also owned Ned Buntline, sent off favourite, to finish fourth in 2014.
45 with interchangeable barrels allowing him to switch back and forth, by hand in the field no less, between a standard barrel length and a Buntline Special.
And he gets the vote to beat John Oxx's Awesome Star and Ned Buntline, better known as a chaser.
e sport's nest exponent retires at the end of the season when he will be crowned champion jockey for the 20th consecutive season He could not bow out at the home of National Hunt racing on a winner, although he did give his supporters brief hope before nishing fourth on Ned Buntline in the race named in his honour, the A.
AP's last ride will no doubt be backed off the boards and bookies will be reaching for a Ned Buntline if the champ pulls off a Hollywood finale to his Festival career.
That rival began his chasing career with an encouraging second to Ned Buntline in a beginner's event here last month.
It's really three things--a pistol, then something with no name that I'm calling a Buntline pistol and it's also a carbine--all in one.
NOEL Meade said it is "heartbreaking" that injury has ruled out smart novice hurdler Ned Buntline for the rest of the season.