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Noun1.bunyavirus - an animal virus belonging to the family Bunyaviridae; can be used as a bioweapon
animal virus - an animal pathogen that is a virus
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2007) In vitro and in vivo activities of T-705 against arenavirus and bunyavirus infections.
The agent of sandfly fever 'Sandfly fever virus (SFV)' is classified in the phlebovirus species which is an enveloped RNA virus belonging to the bunyavirus group from the arbovirus family.
Their topics include host metabolism and its contribution in flavivirus biogenesis, vector-borne bunyavirus pathogenesis and innate immune evasion, the role of inter-host and intra-host genetics in arbovirus evolution, the role of vertical transmission in mosquito-borne arbovirus maintenance and evolution, genetically modified vectors for controlling arboviruses, and small molecule drug development for dengue virus.
Novel bunyavirus in domestic and captive farmed animals, Minnesota, USA.
Current work in his lab centers on bunyavirus replication and pathogenesis.
Examples in which NGS strategies have identified likely causal agents in idiopathic conditions (not all in humans) include Heartland Bunyavirus, titi monkey adenovirus, Bas-Congo virus, Theiler's disease-associated virus, Lujo arenavirus, and many others.
1,2) In 2010, newly emerging patients with the same symptoms in Hubei, Henan provinces and several other provinces were reported, (3,4) and then a new virus named severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome bunyavirus (SFTSV) was confirmed (5) by sequencing the whole genome of the virus.
Most arboviruses of public health importance belong to one of three virus genera: Flavivirus, Alphavirus and Bunyavirus.
Scientists from Europe and the US discuss coronavirus and rhabdovirus reverse genetics, reverse genetic tools to study the hepatitis C virus, calcivirus genetics, modification of the measles virus and application to pathogenesis studies, bunyavirus reverse genetics and applications to studying interactions with host cells, using reverse genetics to improve influenza vaccines, Bluetongue virus reverse genetics, genetic modification in mammalian orthoreoviruses, and reverse genetics and quasispecies.
Canyon Bunyavirus Potosi Bunyaviridae Cache Valley La Crosse Rift Valley Phlebovirus Orungo Reoviridae Orbivirus Nodamura Nodaviridae Picornavirus Virus Infeccion Importancia medica Natural Experimental DENV-1 X X DENV-2 X X DENV-3 X X DENV-4 X X VON X X VEJ X X Fiebre amarilla X X Saint-Louis X X Chikungunya X X VEEE X X VEEV X X Mayaro X X VEEO X X Tensaw X X Keystone X X J.
Insanlarda enfeksiyon olusturan arbovirusler arasinda bes cins virus grubu bulunmaktadir; Bunyavirus, Hantavirus, Nairovirus, Phlebovirus ve Tospovirusler.
Antigenic relationships with other important members of genus Nairovirus: The family Bunyavirus comprises five genera, i.