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n. Australian
1. An imaginary monster inhabiting swamps and lagoons.
2. An imposter; a fake.

[Wathawurrung (Pama-Nyungan language of southeast Australia) ban-yib.]


(Non-European Myth & Legend) Austral a legendary monster said to inhabit swamps and lagoons of the Australian interior
[C19: from a native Australian language]
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The natives aver that, when night comes, from out of the bottomless depths of some lagoon the Bunyip rises, and, in form like monstrous sea-calf, drags his loathsome length from out of the ooze.
A state-of-the art hydroponics facility, growing leafy vegetables such a spinach and rocket, will be built at Bunyip in Victoria's east, creating 40 new local jobs.
The bunyip is a mythical creature alleged to live in various parts of Australia, according to a feature by (http://www.
Mark Svendsen's The Ugly Bunyip is a distinctively Australian adaptation of the classic The Ugly Duckling in which a human child is continually derided by his fellow 'bunyiplings' for being so very hideous.
Students read five job advertisements that included job requirements and expectations, based on real and imaginary jobs (spy kid, toy tester, alien diplomatic relations officer, bunyip (an Australian mythological creature) wrangler, and elephant trainer).
Creatures of Aboriginal legend, such as the rainbow serpent and the bunyip, make their appearances, as do an alien and a spaceship.
The bunyip, by the way, is a mysterious creature said to lurk in
Emily and the BIG BAD Bunyip by Jackie French, published by HarperCollins, pounds 5.
Bertie the Bunyip, I remember, and his arch-enemy Sir Guy D.
Her PhD Conversations with the Bunyip is on planning and celebrating place through the arts.
Threats have eased to towns near the nearby Beechworth fire, around Healesville on Melbourne's outer eastern fringe, and from the Bunyip Ridge and Churchill-Jeeralang fires in Gippsland.