(boi′əns, bo͞o′yəns)
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Then we turned on the buoyance rays in the balance of them and let them rise by themselves to further block the passage to Omean as they came into contact with the vessels already lodged there.
Even though last year started with industry pundits expressing a lot of confidence about increased IT spending, that buoyance seemed to have receded in the second half of the year.
The serial numbers are located on a tag under the back pad of the buoyance compensator or inside the pocket.
Thus, the findings showed that the buoyance of the water helped people feel safe and better balanced, and the water temperature eased pain and stiffness.
This model was selected for its simplicity, avoiding simultaneous solution of the momentum and energy equations, while still adequately modeling buoyance effects.
Such combined tones of buoyance and pathos are one of Hillman's stylistic trademarks.
The comparatively weak performance of commerce is a surprise given the buoyance of retail and wholesale trade, though it might reflect the overhang of capacity in the commercial real estate space.
The Wahoo Wave is a patent-pending design that utilizes an engineered, double-walled corrugated pipe as both the primary mechanism to attenuate the wave while also providing the structure and buoyance for the assembly to eliminate the necessity and cost of additional supporting elements.
One application was in Ikkala's so-called "nanocellulose carriers" that have such great buoyance.
They were all very well prepared - they were wearing wet suits, they had buoyance aids and a radio.
Buoyance density of overnight bacterial cultures was determined by Percoll gradient centrifugation as described previously (18).
In health and youth we may indeed connect the glow and buoyance of our bodily sensations with the words of a theory, and imagine that we hold it with a firm belief.