(boi′əns, bo͞o′yəns)
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Then we turned on the buoyance rays in the balance of them and let them rise by themselves to further block the passage to Omean as they came into contact with the vessels already lodged there.
The project scope includes detailed engineering, surveys, supply, installation and pre-commissioning of rigid pipelines, jumpers, buoyance modules, strakes and riser monitoring systems for seven-riser wells (3 producers and 4 injector wells) connected to the floating production, storage and offloading Carioca vessel.
One just needs a cursory glance at our economic history (since the 60s) to ascertain that any buoyance in economic activity has almost always come about on the back of local investors and not through foreign investors.
From this qualitative study it is evident that exercising in a hydrotherapy pool provides buoyance and warmth which enable people to feel safe, do more exercises than they would be able to do on land or a public pool, and provides them with physical and psychological benefits.
For other inclinations, the principal body dimension is nearly perpendicular to the gravity vector and hence to the direction of action of the buoyance force especially for 90[degrees] inclination.
This model was selected for its simplicity, avoiding simultaneous solution of the momentum and energy equations, while still adequately modeling buoyance effects.
Even though last year started with industry pundits expressing a lot of confidence about increased IT spending, that buoyance seemed to have receded in the second half of the year.
According to Loughran and Ritter (1995), the companies in same industry that issue their shares in a period of market buoyance tend to be overvalued.
However, C[O.sub.2] moves upward by buoyance in the near-well zone (point B) so that dawsonite at point B disappears at the end of simulation.
Afterwards it flows into the upper header because of the buoyance and enters the pipelines and heat sink.
The script has often been that optimism is given with one hand and snatched away by the other, that the buoyance of Warnock's recruitment and the side's start to the season would have been sunk by accepting or encouraging the big money interest in the likes of star striker Kenneth Zohore.
The gigantic $50 billion ambitious project, articulated by Beijing, is an assurance that regional coordination and economic buoyance is around the corner.