or bup•pie

(ˈbʌp i)

n., pl. -pies.
a young, upwardly mobile black professional.
[1980–85, Amer.; b(lack) u(rban) p(rofessional), on the model of yuppie]
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ejaculated the thing, "vy vat a low bred buppy you mos pe vor to ask a gentleman und an angel apout his pizziness
In the States alone, it has become tool for transnational booty-call-profit-taking as well as underground pirating of party time, brutal gangsta bellicosity against criminal justice brutality and buppy felicity with upward mobility, conscious call for a new polity and skin-head hatred of all things dark.
The only Afro-American writer on a network with failing ratings, well-educated buppy Pierre Delacroix (Damon Wayns), wants out but doesn't want to resign.
Will Smith, however, kept it real when he played the fly Philly brother who invades the stiff, buppy home of his relatives in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.