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A violent windstorm of the Eurasian steppes, accompanied in summer by dust and in winter by snow.

[Russian, from Tatar buran or a kindred Turkic source ; akin to Mongolian boruğan, heavy rain.]


(buːˈrɑːn) or


(in central Asia) n
1. (Physical Geography) a blizzard, with the wind blowing from the north and reaching gale force
2. (Physical Geography) a summer wind from the north, causing dust storms
[C19: from Russian, of Turkic origin; related to Kazan Tatar buran]
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Member of the Committee on Social Policy of the Federation Council, representative from the executive body of the government of the Nenets Autonomous District Valentina Zganich took part in the XXII snowmobile races program Buran for the prize of State Duma deputy Artur Chilingarov Buran Day.
Buran, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "I am very pleased to announce that we had record net interest income for 2017.
Buran, President and CEO stated, "Beginning in 2018, the Company expects to retain a larger share of corporate earnings thanks to the recently enacted reductions in the federal corporate tax rate.
Buran, president and chief executive officer of Flushing Financial Corporation, and Susan K.
Before that, a climatic blizzard of snow - with dazzling spot-lights and the booming sounds of Carmina Buran - billows out across the room at a hundred knots.
A team of YouTubers snuck into a restricted hangar in Kazakhstan to explore and film space shuttles from the Soviet-era Buran space program.
to 12:00 noon while PAF, PAF Colony, Jadala and Cantt feeders originating from 66-KV Shorkot Road grid station, Parco and Scarp-II feeders emanating from 132-KV Chak Jhumra grid station, Railway Road feeder originating from 132-KV Factory Area grid station, Super and Rasool Pura feeders emanating from 132-KV Chiniot Road grid station, Hamdard and Gatti feeders originating from 132-KV Nishatabad grid station, Canal Road, Barala, College Road and Rodala feeders emanating from 132-KV Jaranwala grid station, New Sitiana feeder originating from 132-KV Sitiana grid station and Shah Buran feeder emanating from 132-KV Chiniot grid station will observe shutdown from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Monday (November 14).
Companies also presenting in the 2017-18 season include Amas Musical Theatre, Broken Box Mime Theater, Buran Theatre, the Civilians, Dramatic Question Theatre, Houses on the Moon Theater Company, New York City Children's Theater, One Year Lease Theater Company, the Play Company, Project Y Theatre Company, Prospect Theater Company, Target Margin Theater, Theater Breaking Through Barriers, and Transport Group Theatre Company.
Buran, the company's President and CEO, stated: "Our record results for the year ended December 31, 2015, our solid balance sheet, strong capital position and confidence in the opportunities for future growth, support the Company's decision to increase the quarterly cash dividend by six percent.
The only operating aircraft that can carry a comparable amount of weight is the Antonov An-225 Mriya, which was built for the Soviet Buran space shuttle program.
Buran - D-I-Khan Section, 280 km long is in the feasibility and land procurement is under process at present.
Head teacher Lucie Buran said: "We had a wonderful Harvest Festival celebration.