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Adj.1.burdenless - not encumbered with a physical burden or loadburdenless - not encumbered with a physical burden or load
unencumbered - free of encumbrance; "inherited an unencumbered estate"
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Tijink has made a number of changes to the UX and UI of the OxygenOS with "a consistent, fluid and burdenless experience that makes the user feel in control, while being focused on the things that actually matter".
And there the concept very clearly is "we're protecting the nationwide free trade zone--this tariffless, burdenless economic zone that makes no distinction amongst the states--so that we can then have this tremendous, unfettered, whole economic engine going that's not burdened." I would posit that the dormant Commerce Clause prongs articulated in Complete Auto, whether it be apportionment, nexus, discrimination, or the fairly related prong, are all aiming at the number one thing that's being protected: the nationwide free trade zone.
(21.) See generally Brierton, supra note 14 (arguing that Title VII does not provide adequate accommodations for religious employees); Kaminer, supra note 14 (same); Sonny Franklin Miller, Note, Religious Accommodation Under Title VII: The Burdenless Burden, 22 J.