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1. Weighing much or hard to carry; heavy.
2. Causing hardship or distress.

bur′den·some·ly adv.
bur′den·some·ness n.
Synonyms: burdensome, onerous, oppressive, weighty
These adjectives apply to what causes one to feel weighed down, as with duties, difficulties, or hardships: the burdensome task of preparing a tax return; the onerous chores involved in maintaining a large house; oppressive policies that restricted citizens' freedom; the weighty concerns that troubled the jurors.
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Noun1.burdensomeness - unwelcome burdensome difficulty
difficultness, difficulty - the quality of being difficult; "they agreed about the difficulty of the climb"
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in all certainty, further help to lighten the burdensomeness, if not the gravity, of those responsibilities.
Kleiman, Liu, and Riskind (2014) tested Joiner's interpersonal theory of suicide (IPTS; Joiner, 2005; Joiner, Van Orden, Witte, & Rudd, 2009; Van Orden et al., 2010),which hypothesizes that the desire to die by suicide is a product of perceptions that one is a burden to others (burdensomeness) and does not belong to a social group of others (thwarted belongingness).
Suicidal ideation and sexual orientation in college students: the roles of perceived burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness, and perceived rejection due to sexual orientation.
It is possible feelings of failure assessed by Item 6 of the PHQ-9 overlap with feelings of perceived burdensomeness, a key element of the interpersonal psychological theory of suicide (Joiner, 2005).
Suicide risk among sexual minority college students: A mediated moderation model of sex and perceived burdensomeness. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 2, 22-33.
Moreover, language barrier is a big factor of unemployment among adults with HL that brings isolation and feelings of solitude, alienation and burdensomeness that lead to SI.
This loss of connectedness has been associated with social isolation and a sense of burdensomeness, both of which have been associated with suicidal behaviors in youths (9).
According to the IPT of suicide, people with suicide ideation suffer from perceived burdensomeness and thwarted belongingness.[18] Hence, an individual in the military lacking connection with others or who is rejected by peer groups may have a higher suicidal desire;[19] therefore, it is of prime importance to identify the individuals in the military who are susceptible to maladjustment and at a risk of committing suicide.
The other two factors are perceived burdensomeness and an acquired capacity to engage in life- threatening behaviour, as exhibited in episodes of NSSI.
This loneliness and deprivation of social contact may also bring forth a strong feeling of "perceived burdensomeness" amongst the elderly.
The first is "perceived burdensomeness," or a sense that one is a burden on others.