bureaucratic procedure

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Noun1.bureaucratic procedure - needlessly time-consuming procedurebureaucratic procedure - needlessly time-consuming procedure
procedure - a mode of conducting legal and parliamentary proceedings
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The fresh development will add another layer of bureaucratic procedure before it reaches the top law official again.
He said that the Yes camp "posed the question the question during the campaign - was this not the end of the cumbersome, time-consuming, costly bureaucratic procedure which led to misunderstanding and tension between Parliament and London - that's a direct quote from the book".
Prince Naif said the new system instructing IPC's chief to report to the Minister of Interior corrects the previous bureaucratic procedure.
Ironically, all this bureaucratic procedure is being imposed upon the poor matriculate students in a country where 160 of the parliamentarians, including some from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, have allegedly fake degrees of graduation.
Bulgaria's government is supposed to adopt new regulations on the projects seeking EU funding in order to accelerate the bureaucratic procedure.
The Cuban government said it will no longer require islanders to apply for an exit visa, eliminating a much-loathed bureaucratic procedure that has been a major impediment for many seeking to travel overseas, reports AP (Oct.
Beforehand, making a change to a license was quite a bureaucratic procedure.
In a recent committee meeting it was established that the current bureaucratic procedure for registering foreign students in Cyprus entails serious negative consequences for both the sustainability and the development of higher education in Cyprus," Tornaritis said in a letter to the finance minister.
Sources from the Secretariat for European Affairs say that one of the reasons blocking the entrance of money is the bureaucratic procedure and sluggishness of the EU Mission staff, who forward the projects to Brussels.
Skopje is guided by the deadline in November, because it is clear they wish to be admitted as a member during a major event when all important members of the Alliance are present instead of having the membership announced at another moment as a result of a bureaucratic procedure," Kathimerini says.
The Committee called on the Government in Tbilisi to improve the business climate, to promote foreign investment by reducing bureaucratic procedure and legislation to enable private ownership of land, property and equity; increased transparency in the economy, and the support of SMEs and financial services to encourage a fully-functioning social market economy.