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1. An official of a bureaucracy.
2. An official who is rigidly devoted to the details of administrative procedure.

bu′reau·crat′ic adj.
bu′reau·crat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.bureaucratically - in a bureaucratic manner; "his bureaucratically petty behavior annoyed her"
2.bureaucratically - with respect to bureaucracy; "it's bureaucratically complicated"


[ˌbjʊərəˈkrætɪklɪ] advburocraticamente
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WATER theft has increased on channels taken over by local farmer organisations compared with those managed bureaucratically, according to an analysis of the governance reform in the country's vast Indus irrigation system.
Meanwhile, for its part the central government, which lay outside the Royal Household Ministry, also led modernization efforts, despite being weaker financially and bureaucratically than the Crown.
And while Germany may be Europe's most bureaucratically well-managed country, even it was overwhelmed.
But whatever the fallout bureaucratically, on a substantive level the move was a welcome course correction, removing a contentious and extremist political voice from a vitally important policymaking body and thus making it more likely that people with actual expertise will help an inexperienced president make tough choices on China, North Korea and Syria.
Whereas freedom, voluntary exchange, and the profit motive enable people to thrive--statism, coercive policies, and bureaucratically forced school closures wreck people's lives.
The populace in all three countries appears to be bureaucratically literate; and the form of forest management depends on such literacy.
Deciding how to treat these people is emotionally and morally complex, as well as bureaucratically complicated.
The last 40 years have given us opportunities to see the EU perform admirably, as well as badly and bureaucratically.
The drafters have to come up with bureaucratically correct ways to point out that the current PPACA coverage situation is.
Municipalities seek that care for youth recognizable, closer and less bureaucratically organized.
Social efficiency defines the 'effective' and 'expert' teacher and student 'achievement' in advance of the processes of education by consulting pre-determined competencies established outside of the realm and purview of education, which are then imposed bureaucratically on our schools.
Bandwidth, signal power, and bandwidth borders are all bureaucratically determined and standardized before auctions are held.