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1. An official of a bureaucracy.
2. An official who is rigidly devoted to the details of administrative procedure.

bu′reau·crat′ic adj.
bu′reau·crat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.bureaucratically - in a bureaucratic manner; "his bureaucratically petty behavior annoyed her"
2.bureaucratically - with respect to bureaucracy; "it's bureaucratically complicated"
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[ˌbjʊərəˈkrætɪklɪ] advburocraticamente
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The conservative, sober and bureaucratically oriented military, Huntington argues, checks the worst impulses of a feckless politician, who could have managed to garner power without any direct experience of conflict.
States not already bureaucratically, politically and militarily stable will have to survive repeated waves of existential challenges.
He laments the consequent historic rise (beginning in the Progressive Era) and present dominance of a multitude of unelected and effectively unaccountable administrative agencies bureaucratically making, interpreting, and enforcing the public policies that govern all our lives.
But the targets of the Brigade, corporate conspiracy and the protection of the rich from public scrutiny, never quite reach a viscerally threatening level, and the individuals who conspire to preserve the status quo seem merely bureaucratically venal."
Turns out, the regulatory agency best known for bureaucratically turgid pre-approval of new drugs and devices and enforcement of extensive manufacturing and labeling requirements has got quite a bag of tricks available when this kind of crisis strikes.
National security adviser John Bolton, uncompromisingly hawkish and bureaucratically talented, publicly mused that the model for denuclearization should be Libya in 2003, essentially boxing up the North's weapons and facilities and sending them to America.
Thus, they want to emphasize the cost of living and the calculation (bureaucratically calculated) of the living wage, or what the amount it takes to allow a worker with dependents to live comfortably.
They renovated and re-built it themselves and had to learn how to manage the complex economically and bureaucratically. The newNova Cvernovka was now been open in its new operation for one year but the cultural centre has a truly difficult period ahead, says one of the initiators of the project, Symon Kliman.
Human rights bodies here, like "Human Rights Watch," maintain this shortening of the deadlines for migrants would prevent some from getting bureaucratically heavy applications in to authorities on time and would deprive them of legal assistance.
In the end, Lara is challenged to act humanely rather than bureaucratically, and the most beautiful thing about the film is how it depicts the growth of this connection organically.
Only more than 40 years later, when it faced the changed context of the Cold War, a new Department of Defense, and a bureaucratically stronger Navy staff, did its role lose importance.