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It demanded the removal of candidates connected to the allegations against Yang as well as prosecutors who opposed an investigation of him 'The candidates are responsible for bureaucratizing the judicial system and were solely focused on increasing their power They have no right to serve as Supreme Court justices in a democracy,' the union said.
Analyzing the current state of the Profession using Army data on the bureaucratizing influences of the drawdown, on leadership and trust within the ranks, and on the development of moral character of future Army professionals, the author arrives at a less than sanguine conclusion.
To understand better this challenge of the bureaucratizing, indeed de-professionalizing, influence of the defense reductions coinciding with the post-war "return to garrison," consider the case of the implementation to date of the Army's new doctrine of mission command.
The complexity of compensation disclosure regulations is rapidly bureaucratizing the compensation committee, much as SOX bureaucratized the audit committee, and compensation committees need to find ways to cut through the complexity and provide simple transparent information to investors.
Chu's basic thesis is that modernism is characterized by an aesthetic reaction against the subordination of the individual to state power and its bureaucratizing logic.
Highlighting ordinary people as agents of historical change, US historians look at the decline of feudal and monarchical powers, the normalization of Enlightenment ideas, and how groups and individuals negotiated and even opposed the homogenizing and bureaucratizing efforts of modern states.
For identifying the reasons for which virtual organization represents the apogee of work organizing in the information society, we must notice that similar to the industrial period and its bureaucratizing, the organizational form of the information era is the network.
In coercing executives who are natural rivals to focus on cross-pollination, the media leviathans are bureaucratizing their creative resources.
Today's executions by lethal injection are exercises in the engineering of death, the institutionalizing of death, the bureaucratizing of death.
And, just as the Clintons' bureaucratizing solution to health care inflation arrived as the problem was being resolved, the current crop of health care reformers are tackling issues that health care companies, in their need to keep customers happy, are already addressing.
He undercut rank and file militancy by bureaucratizing the union.
They adapted many of these new corporate innovations to their own institutions, bureaucratizing Protestantism and marketing religion as if it were a commodity.