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also bu·ret  (byo͝o-rĕt′)
A glass tube with fine, volumetric graduations and a stopcock at the bottom, used especially in laboratory procedures for accurate fluid dispensing and measurement.

[French, diminutive of buire, vase for liquors, from Old French, probably of Germanic origin.]


(bjʊˈrɛt) or


(Chemistry) a graduated glass tube with a stopcock on one end for dispensing and transferring known volumes of fluids, esp liquids
[C15: from French: cruet, oil can, from Old French buire ewer, of Germanic origin; compare Old English būc pitcher, belly]


or bu•ret


a graduated glass tube with a stopcock at the bottom, used in a laboratory to measure or dispense liquids.
[1475–85; < French: cruet, burette (Old French biurete), derivative of buire ewer, flagon]


A glass tube with fine gradations and with a tapered bottom that has a valve. It is used especially in laboratories to pour a measured amount of liquid from one container into another.
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Noun1.burette - measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottomburette - measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom; used for titration
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something


[bjʊəˈrɛt] nburetta
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A Mettler-Toledo DL 53 Titrator with a 10-mL burette was used for the incremental addition of the cationic polyelectrolyte as titrant (pDADMAC; c [approximately equal to] 1 mM).
Total gas production by BMP assay was measured daily for the first 5 days and subsequently every 2 to 3 days by displacement of an acidified brine solution in a burette, recording the volume of displaced solution after correcting for atmospheric pressure (Beuvink et al.
The filtrate was taken in burette and slowly added to conical flask containing 5mL of boiling Fehling's A:[Copper sulphate solution:69.
The gradations of the burette are seen on the LCD screen at the left of Figure 1, with the fluid meniscus just above the 28-[cm.
3]-N using spectrophotometer while DO, BOD, total hardness, total alkalinity and chloride were evaluated by burette titration.
The procedure measured the initial mass of contact lenses and volume of contact lenses upon a scale or within a burette, respectively.
After double clamping the urine meter tubing leading to the urine collection bag, we drained 25 ml of saline from a measurement burette into the bladder, by gravity.
The adduct present in the paste was neutralized by adding drop wise from a burette the aqueous solution of acetic acid (0.
A paediatric burette is a useful device for mixing a diluted solution of antivenom in a volume that can be delivered by infusion over 15 - 30 minutes, and may be used with both adults and children for this purpose.
The pH of the synthesis was kept at a constant value of pH 9 by drop wise addition of a 1 M sodium hydroxide solution from a burette.