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also bu·ret  (byo͝o-rĕt′)
A glass tube with fine, volumetric graduations and a stopcock at the bottom, used especially in laboratory procedures for accurate fluid dispensing and measurement.

[French, diminutive of buire, vase for liquors, from Old French, probably of Germanic origin.]


(bjʊˈrɛt) or


(Chemistry) a graduated glass tube with a stopcock on one end for dispensing and transferring known volumes of fluids, esp liquids
[C15: from French: cruet, oil can, from Old French buire ewer, of Germanic origin; compare Old English būc pitcher, belly]


or bu•ret


a graduated glass tube with a stopcock at the bottom, used in a laboratory to measure or dispense liquids.
[1475–85; < French: cruet, burette (Old French biurete), derivative of buire ewer, flagon]


A glass tube with fine gradations and with a tapered bottom that has a valve. It is used especially in laboratories to pour a measured amount of liquid from one container into another.
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Noun1.burette - measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottomburette - measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom; used for titration
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something


[bjʊəˈrɛt] nburetta
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It also allowed them to build a quality control laboratory that optimized the grain drying process; Equipped with 01 stove, 01 scale, 01 desiccator, 01 resistance cooker, 01 metal tray, 01 titration burette, test tubes, 01 petri dish, pipettes, 01 beaker, 01 mortar, 01 PH tape, phenolphthalein and hydroxide of sodium.
For a complete total acidity analysis you will need a hot plate or microwave, burette stand, holder and burette, and a pH meter.
The gradations of the burette are seen on the LCD screen at the left of Figure 1, with the fluid meniscus just above the 28-[cm.
The fifth row, relating to the HCl solution in the burette is then constructed column by column.
Products include IV sets, extension sets, irrigation sets, high flow/large volume sets and burette sets.
The burette spin turn that you did in the centre there was infantile, I'm afraid, and very, very childish.
Each port is individually assignable, allowing dosing of up to four different liquids, such as samples, solvents and other auxiliary reagents with burette accuracy and resolution.
On the trolley was a tall burette where fluid was poured into the burette, measured, then poured into the patient's cup.
This sensor automatically reads the RFID chip seated in the new burette assemblies.
The versatile design of the burette tip allows for placement at any height above the chamber.
It is possible to expand the number of burrettes to twelve, this means we can dedicate a burette to each application.
A wide range of more than 2,000 components for assemblies and complete disposable systems includes male and female Luer slip and Luer lock adapters; roller and slide clamps; male, female, vented, and non-vented caps; single- and dual-flow piercing devices; chamber and burette assemblies; Y- and T-fittings; 1-, 3-, and 4-way stopcocks; syringes; and safety products--SAFSITE[R] and ULTRASITE[R] needle-free valves and Introcan Safety[R] IV Catheters, Turnkey operations include USP-approved materials, Class II and III custom device capabilities delivered by knowledgeable and responsive customer service teams.