(bər-jē′, bûr′jē)
A small distinguishing flag displayed by a yacht.

[Perhaps from French dialectal bourgeais, shipowner, from Old French burgeis, citizen, from bourg, bourg; see bourg.]
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(Nautical Terms) nautical a triangular or swallow-tailed flag flown from the mast of a merchant ship for identification and from the mast of a yacht to indicate its owner's membership of a particular yacht club
[C18: perhaps from French (Jersey dialect) bourgeais shipowner, from Old French borgeis; see bourgeois1, burgess]
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(ˈbɜr dʒi, bɜrˈdʒi)

a small nautical flag or pennant, used for identification or as a signal.
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A shiny black steam-yacht, with mahogany deck-house, nickel-plated binnacles, and pink-and-white-striped awnings, puffed up the harbour, flying the burgee of some New York club.
At that point, Burgee told us, Iacoca asked him to "see what the other possibilities might be." In early 1983 Burgee submitted a new plan, in conjunction with Herb Rosenthal & Associaes, an exhibition and economic consulting firm.
all flying the Oyster burgee together around the world.
Built in 1986, the distinctive red-granite oval office building was designed by architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee. The building is currently 100% occupied.
SWD Founder David Pescud presented CYCA Commodore Howard Piggott with the burgee that flew from the backstay of Kayle all the way around Australia.
On Sunday the annual Sandhey Cup team event is scheduled for Hoylake but under the West Kirby burgee. The race involves 25 yachts from five classes.
Southtown was originally designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee as part of their master plan for Roosevelt Island to be the companion village to Northtown, the existing Roosevelt Island community, built between 1975-1987.
So, on this 20th anniversary of the Youth Sailing Academy, we raise the club burgee and a glass to the endeavours of the original YSA Committee and those dedicated members and sponsors who have made sail training possible for the next generation at the CYCA.
THE Wirral Regattas get underway on Friday night with the first of the series for Junior Sailors on the lake at West Kirby under the burgee of Hoylake Sailing Club, writes Andrew Stratton.
Riley opened her namesake firm in 1987 after eight years in the office of John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson.
Sailing under the burgee of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, the race's finishing partner, Lyall will need to pull something special out of the bag.
But while the scheme, designed by the well-respected Brennan Beer Gorman Architects, follows the Island's master plan, originally designed by John Burgee and Phillip Johnson, the contentious, insular community is expected to complain about anything that brings in transients.