burial chamber

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Noun1.burial chamber - a chamber that is used as a graveburial chamber - a chamber that is used as a grave  
chamber - a natural or artificial enclosed space
crypt - a cellar or vault or underground burial chamber (especially beneath a church)
tomb, grave - a place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone); "he put flowers on his mother's grave"
mausoleum - a large burial chamber, usually above ground
monument, repository - a burial vault (usually for some famous person)
burial vault, vault - a burial chamber (usually underground)
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The Egyptian Job details the empty burial chamber of ancient Egyptian King Amenemhat III.
Years of meticulous digging and carbon dating have now led them to conclude that they have stumbled onto an Anglo-Saxon burial chamber of a prince whose likes have never before been found in Britain.
Archaeologists have discovered a trove of precious artefacts in an Anglo-Saxon burial chamber - dubbed the UK's equivalent of Tutankhamun's tomb.
| St Lythans Burial Chamber, Dyffryn This chambered long barrow would once have been covered in earth with a forecourt, but all this has long since vanished.
They expected to loot a burial chamber but, apparently, they had relied on the untrustworthy information or assumption.
The clan's society wants to create external access stairs and carry out repairs to a stone screen wall, burial chamber and entrance piers.
Graffiti has been painted on the Pentre Ifan burial chamber near Nevern, and police are appealing for information to find those responsible.
APD will also be tasked with making a 3D scan of Tutankhamun's burial chamber, which will allow for an exact reproduction of the original to be created for museum visitors.
QNA Doha The Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan (QMPS), one of the 42 missions supported by The Qatar Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP), has re-opened the burial chamber of Pyramid 9 in Meroe.
Their shared burial chamber was discovered over 110 years ago, but Khnum-Nakht and Nakht-Ankh were mummified and buried almost 4,000 years ago, during the 12th Dynasty of Egypt.