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Even the buttons, believed to have been used to secure upper part of her long-vanished burial garment, were made of amber and she also appears to have worn a bracelet of lignite beads.
of Padua, Italy) begin by describing the peculiar characteristics of the burial garment on which are impressed indelibly the complete front and dorsal image of the body of a man.
It's The Wonder Of The Shroud, an Anglo-Catholic presentation on DVD about the Shroud of Turin, for centuries believed many to be the burial garment of Jesus Christ.
The list would include the "young man" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) at the tomb who met the startled women with news of the resurrection, but not before he'd been stripped of his burial garment earlier at Gethsemane (14:51-52), vanished beneath the story of Jesus' death, dispatched to a tomb, and finally given a new, white robe and directions for where the disciples might see the crucified and risen one, even as he'd promised (16:5-7).