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Noun1.burial vault - a burial chamber (usually underground)burial vault - a burial chamber (usually underground)
burial chamber, sepulcher, sepulchre, sepulture - a chamber that is used as a grave
charnel, charnel house - a vault or building where corpses or bones are deposited
columbarium - a sepulchral vault or other structure having recesses in the walls to receive cinerary urns
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This was the Lord de Vere, who, when at home, was said to spend much of his time in the burial vault of his dead progenitors, rummaging their mouldy coffins in search of all the earthly pride and vainglory that was hidden among bones and dust; so that, besides his own share, he had the collected haughtiness of his whole line of ancestry.
The work at Tong has so far seen radar technology used to highlight the exact location and shape of a burial vault underneath the vestry.
Hugh Hefner paid $75,000 for the burial vault next to that of a very famous personality at the Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles.
One of the most interesting features is the plaque in the center of the aisle noting the burial vault of perhaps one of the most famous kings of England, Henry the VIII, along with one of his wives, Jane Seymour and their infant child dating back to 1547.
north of Lankaran lies one of the most beautiful cities of the Middle Ages - Hanega, in which fortified walls (12th-14th centuries), the mosque and burial vault of Pir Hussein, the minaret and other ancient structures are preserved.
The second project: The Restoration of Sir John Johnson Burial Vault at Mont-St-Gregoire.
In 1992, the Plaboy Publisher (https://www.theguardian.com/film/2009/aug/25/marilyn-monroe-burial-plot-sold) purchased the burial vault next to Monroe's plot for $75,000.
A pair of soldiers take shelter in a church burial vault, where they find a priceless and long-missing Russian icon.
Indiana Vac-Form (IVF) manufactures thermoformed products including burial vault liners to customers across the country.
* Present casket and outer burial container (burial vault) price lists prior to review or selection of those items.
Gregor Smith, of Rothesay, Isle of Bute asked: "Who paid PS50,000 for the burial vault next to Marilyn Monroe's at the Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles?"