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tr.v. bur·nished, bur·nish·ing, bur·nish·es
1. To make smooth or glossy by rubbing; polish.
2. To rub with a tool that serves especially to smooth or polish.
3. To improve or make more impressive: achievements that burnished her reputation.
A smooth glossy finish or appearance; luster.

[Middle English burnishen, from Old French burnir, burniss-, variant of brunir, from brun, shining, of Germanic origin; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

bur′nish·er n.
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The centrifugation was conducted at 1500 x g for 2 min after the corneal tissue was completely ground by the use of an electric burnisher.
Basic Set Up Preparative mirror, explorer, choices include cotton pliers the excavator, hoe, hatchet, and chisel Restorative Accessory choice include the spatulas, scissors, condenser, carvers, pliers, amalgam burnisher, well or dappen composite dish, mixing pads, instruments gauze, applicator brushes, etc
Fanny was now a hotel waitress, whilst Nellie was a silver burnisher and Edward was an errand boy.
2] by breathing, the propanefueled floor burnisher used to clean and polish the floor tiles at various times when the store is closed (typically 22:00 until 08:00 the following morning) and the C[O.
The PE420GP is a propane-powered floor grinder, polisher, and burnisher that can be used for both wet and dry operations.
Obviously with an eraser it's easier to alter a drawing than it is with a burnisher and scraper to alter an etching, but it's not essentially different.
Use burnisher, NSN 5120-00-2554458, to clean the contacts.
Each location has a vacuum onsite and a burnisher as well.
It contains 20 gravers, burnisher and one eye glass.
It was then polished to a mirror-smooth finish, first with a piece of grinding stone and water, then with a pumice stone, followed by a hone and water, a hardened bit of charcoal, and finally a burnisher.
She shared in production as seamstress, laundress, burnisher, shopkeeper .