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 (bo͝o-rä′tə, bə-)
An Italian cheese that is shaped into a ball with a thin outer layer of mozzarella and an inner section that is a blend of fresh cream and mozzarella curd.

[Italian : burro, butter (from Old Italian, from Old French bure, burre, from Latin būtȳrum; see butter) + -ata, n. suff. (burrata being so called because of its butterlike texture).]
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A grilled asparagus starter, although nicely teamed with grapefruit and parmesan, jars to a slightly bitter end, and a burrata and heirloom tomato salad topped with toasted quinoa ticks the hipster box but fails to inspire.
The dedicated culinary team has meticulously worked on enriching the new menu to meet the gastronomic instincts of visitors with a delicious variety of antipasti has been added such as Variazione Di Carni Manzo made of apple wood smoked prime beef carpaccio served with mushroom salsa, goat cheese & walnut, smoked eggplant ice cream, aged balsamic and parmesan, an aromatic Burrata Con Tartufo made of burrata cheese with black truffle, stuffed heirloom tomatoes, watercress cream, Kalamata texture and extra virgin olive oil as well as a selection of crunchy salads freshly prepared on your table.
The specially curated menu offers a selection of exotic dishes be it the luscious spaghetti carbonara with black truffle and pistachio or the all-time favourite pizza topped with beetroot pesto, burrata and crispy kale.
Serve it with a portion of creamy burrata cheese, and I'm convinced you'll be happy with this simple, sophisticated cabbage as a main course -- and you'll find ways to use up that small jar of chiles faster than you think.
A variety of cheeses, which will be several thousand tons, will be presented with semi-hard and hard varieties with spices, goat and sheep cheeses, Adyghe cheese, fresh mozzarella and burrata cheeses.
Set on the terrace of Billionaire Mansion, dishes on the menu include: Burrata with cherry tomatoes, Wagyu Gyoza, a selection of pizzas, Alaskan Black Cod & sushi as well as desserts.
There are also nibbles such as scotch eggs, bruschetta and burrata.
Attendees--including Sophie Auster, Marina Testino, Tamu McPherson, and Anna Cleveland and Niia (both pictured)--dined on burrata with black truffle vinaigrette by chef Paul Liebrandt.
It's made using our lovely ripe apricots, paired with fresh salad leaves and the almighty burrata cheese.
They created tuna tarter, soup-white onion veloute as the appetizer, Hared lamb loin with duo of beetroot and burrata tortellini as the main course and Melting chocolate with cranberry and caramelized pecan nut soil as the dessert.
A specials board salad of burrata, heritage tomatoes and anchovies dressed in basil oil was summer incarnate.
It included a homemade watermelon sorbet, burrata, watermelon and cucumber soup and a mouthwatering watermelon tart.