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 (bûr′ō, bo͝or′ō, bŭr′ō)
n. pl. bur·ros
1. A small donkey, especially one used as a pack animal.
2. Slang A drug smuggler who swallows bags filled with a drug, especially heroin or cocaine, to avoid detection by drug enforcement officers or customs officials.

[Spanish, back-formation from borrico, donkey, from Vulgar Latin *burrīcus, variant of Late Latin būricus, burricus, small horse, of unknown origin.]


n, pl -ros
a donkey, esp one used as a pack animal
[C19: Spanish, from Portuguese, from burrico donkey, ultimately from Latin burrīcus small horse]


(ˈbɜr oʊ, ˈbʊər oʊ, ˈbʌr oʊ)

n., pl. -ros.
1. a small donkey, esp. one used as a pack animal.
2. any donkey.
[1790–1800; < Sp < Portuguese, back formation from burrico ass < Vulgar Latin *burriccus for Late Latin burrīcus pony]
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Noun1.burro - small donkey used as a pack animalburro - small donkey used as a pack animal  
domestic ass, donkey, Equus asinus - domestic beast of burden descended from the African wild ass; patient but stubborn
References in classic literature ?
We'll take a burro, or a pack-train of burros,' was my suggestion.
I've got to where I savvy the burro, an' you bet I can plow against most of 'm right now.
On March 3, 1866, Powell and I packed his provisions on two of our burros, and bidding me good-bye he mounted his horse, and started down the mountainside toward the valley, across which led the first stage of his journey.
A secret pasture for prospectors and a resting-place for tired burros, by damn
Along with PICKUP, they include Austin-based Burro, as well as HashMove and Buddytruk, both based in California but offering services in Austin.
Journey to Freedom and Great Burro Turnaround - 9 a.
ORANGE -- The government's wild horse and burro adoption program made a rare appearance in the region over the weekend, drawing curious onlookers, animal lovers and those wanting to bring one home.
com)-- Hardcover book, "Final Breath: a love story," benefits wild horse and burro sanctuary
His restaurants across the country will be showcasing mushroom specials throughout September and October and will also be selling products like white truffle oil, mushroom knives and Burro al Tartufo truffle butter.
To satisfy these culinary needs visit the Pepe Burro Mexican Grill.
Summary: A group of people in Guayaquil, Ecuador, have tried to get a donkey named Senor Burro on the ballot for the upcoming elections.
The new project will increase production of conchas, casco de burro and Japanese oysters.