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small donkey
Not to be confused with:
borough – a town or village
burrow – hole dug in the ground; to dig a hole
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 (bûr′ō, bo͝or′ō, bŭr′ō)
n. pl. bur·ros
1. A small donkey, especially one used as a pack animal.
2. Slang A drug smuggler who swallows bags filled with a drug, especially heroin or cocaine, to avoid detection by drug enforcement officers or customs officials.

[Spanish, back-formation from borrico, donkey, from Vulgar Latin *burrīcus, variant of Late Latin būricus, burricus, small horse, of unknown origin.]
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n, pl -ros
a donkey, esp one used as a pack animal
[C19: Spanish, from Portuguese, from burrico donkey, ultimately from Latin burrīcus small horse]
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(ˈbɜr oʊ, ˈbʊər oʊ, ˈbʌr oʊ)

n., pl. -ros.
1. a small donkey, esp. one used as a pack animal.
2. any donkey.
[1790–1800; < Sp < Portuguese, back formation from burrico ass < Vulgar Latin *burriccus for Late Latin burrīcus pony]
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Noun1.burro - small donkey used as a pack animalburro - small donkey used as a pack animal  
donkey, Equus asinus - domestic beast of burden descended from the African wild ass; patient but stubborn
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'We'll take a burro, or a pack-train of burros,' was my suggestion.
I've got to where I savvy the burro, an' you bet I can plow against most of 'm right now."
On March 3, 1866, Powell and I packed his provisions on two of our burros, and bidding me good-bye he mounted his horse, and started down the mountainside toward the valley, across which led the first stage of his journey.
A secret pasture for prospectors and a resting-place for tired burros, by damn!"
When his grandfather invites him to talk with a slow-moving burro named Henry, he learns some amazing things about the burro's ancestors.
De los 137 animales muestreados, el Municipio donde mas animales fueron evaluados en San Antero con el 37,2% (51/137), seguido de los municipios de Lorica, Cerete y Cienaga de Oro, respectivamente, (TABLA I), quizas por poseer el mayor inventario de burros del Departamento y porque este animal constituye una herramienta de trabajo, asi mismo el burro en el municipio de San Antero es considerado patrimonio cultural, los demas Municipios presentaron altos numeros de evaluaciones quizas por estar cerca o en la zona de influencia de la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia de la Universidad de Cordoba.
Fire officials do not think it was likely the 416 Fire will merge with the Burro Fire, which is burning 10 miles to the west near Dolores, said Kelsey Griffee, public information officer for the 416 Fire, adding a separate camp will be set up for management of the Burro Fire.
They were led by SUP central general secretary Roshan Burro, Naiz Hussain Panhwer, Azad Mansoor and other SUP activists and different walk of people attended March.