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"Then she recovered, but today or tomorrow or in ten years she won't; they'll bury her, and nothing will be left either of her or of that smart girl in the red jacket, who with that skillful, soft action shakes the ears out of their husks.
"Of course," said Trifaldin; "they don't bury living people in Kandy, only the dead."
So the Sons dug up all the weeds, and all the vines too, and even neglected to bury the old man.
"When I bury a bone," said the Dog, "it is with an intention to uncover it later and pick it."
They talked excitedly about where they should bury Mr.
Then God keep thee, old man --see'st thou that --pointing to the hammock -- I bury but one of five stout men, who were alive only yesterday; but were dead ere night.
He fancied he saw before him a gang of murderers, about to bury their victim.
He wondered why they had dug a great hole in the ground merely to bury dry bones.
The Achaeans then bury Antilochus and lay out the body of Achilles, while Thetis, arriving with the Muses and her sisters, bewails her son, whom she afterwards catches away from the pyre and transports to the White Island.
"Yet some men bury their secrets thus," observed the calm physician.
(So by report the royal edict runs) No man may bury him or make lament-- Must leave him tombless and unwept, a feast For kites to scent afar and swoop upon.
It was agreed that we should bury him in the orchard at sunset that evening, and Sara Ray, who had to go home, declared she would be back for it, and implored us to wait for her if she didn't come exactly on time.