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Noun1.bus company - a public utility providing local transportationbus company - a public utility providing local transportation
transportation company - a company providing transportation
public utility, public utility company, public-service corporation, utility - a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
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However, veteran bus industry commentator Roger French - who used to manage Brighton's bus company - said the Welsh Government's hypothetical city network took "simplified examples to an extreme" and was unlike any network he knew of.
A provincial bus company 'called off' its participation from Wednesday's dry run of the provincial bus ban policy on EDSA.
And the bus company will sold the tickets at the price fixed by the government like the previous year.
STRIKES have become a regular occurrence at the Larnaca bus company Zenon.
Summary: The owner of the bus company has been asked to report to the police
A local bus company has expressed dismay when its "honesty system" payment did not work after only a week of implementation.
He said the management of the bus company should be made to answer and be accountable if there are lapses due to poor maintenance of the vehicle.
class="MsoNormalHe said it was unfortunate for the passengers to have been delayed and subjected to the long waiting hours with no communication from the bus company.
A bus company operating in Gangwon Province, for instance, has already decreased the number of buses operating between Gangneung and Yeongwol.
This is after Neo Kenya Mpya, a bus company plying the Nairobi-Thika route, launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative this week.
The new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer Shuchi Bus Company's buses have now been exported to 24 different countries, including Russia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Algeria, China Daily reported.