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Noun1.bus fare - the fare charged for riding a bus or streetcar
fare, transportation - the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance
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Tanwar said that the buses going through the route of any state are charged the bus fare applicable within that state.
Lahore -- Increase in metro bus fare is being implemented today despite public outcry.
'The government has made everything expensive and firstly they made our lives difficult by increasing the prices of routine items and now this raise in the metro bus fare is another nail in the coffins of the poor and low-income category people.
A discount bus fare scheme for teenagers is being axed - despite calls for the County Council to reconsider its decision.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Mass Transit Authority has suggested the cabinet to increase metro bus fare by Rs10.
It provides people in Wales aged 16 to 21 with approximately one third off their bus fare.
The bus fare for getting on any shuttle bus from outside Pingxi is NT$30 except Taipei Zoo, which is NT$50.
There was a 2.38% rise in rent and a 50% increase in bus fare. Food items like tomatoes became 28% more expensive, while sugar prices rose by 6%.
"Mwasalat is committed to supporting Muscat International Airport with affordable reliable public transport to optimise mobility for users of the new airport." The route was originally launched after the new airport opened on 20 March 2018, with promotional bus fare set at 500 baisas a ticket.
KARACHI -- Pasban Democratic Party has decried illegal raise in bus fare in the megacity and appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of this highhandedness of private transporters and criminal ignorance of the Sindh transport department.
The bus fare from Sharjah to Ajman has been increased from Dh5 to Dh6, while a trip to Umm Al Quwain will cost Dh17 instead of Dh15.
RAWALPINDI -- The Punjab Mass-transit Authority (PMA) has warned the provincial government not to increase the metro bus fare by more than Rs10 per head otherwise the passengers would be forced to opt for other modes of transport.