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Noun1.bus line - an organization responsible for operating a bus transportation system
transit line - a line providing public transit
fleet - group of motor vehicles operating together under the same ownership
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Contract award notice: passenger transport by bus after the pbefg; mvv regional bus line 531st
Authorities described a pattern of evading punishment in which they would shut down a bus line only to see the parent company revive it under a new name.
The 66 bus line is operating from the Hladilnika bus stop and goes through Dragalevtsi to the Moreni Hotel in the Aleko Resort on Vitosha.
If a new bus line was planned near your house, what would you want it to look like?
AVV-regional bus line 404: Nordendorf - Buttenwiesen - ThE-rheim - Wertingen.
But one Media District bus line has waits averaging 35 to 60 minutes, while rush-hour commuters have to wait at least 50 minutes for the other, said Greg Herrmann, the city's assistant community development director for transportation.
He has led the company to the position of the largest privately owned bus line in North America.
Regular services in the AVV-regional bus lines 205, 206, 209, AST 206, AST 208 (line bundle Wittelsbacher Land 03) from 01/01/2016 to 12/12/2020 AVV-regional bus line 205: Friedberg - Dasing - Friedberg - Aichach,AVV-regional bus line 206: Friedberg - Dasing - Gallenbach - Aichach,AVV-regional bus line 209: Friedberg - Aichach,and AST operations AST 206: Aichach - Gallenbach,AST 208: Friedberg - Rederzhausen - pair / Harthausen - Eurasburg - Ried.
North Hollywood will only benefit from this dedicated bus line, and when one community benefits, all Valley communities benefit.
Regular services in the AVV-regional bus lines 213, 225, 229, 301, 303, 323 (line bundle Wittelsbacher Land 04) from 01/01/2016 to 12/12/2020 - AVV-regional bus line 213: Friedberg-Derching-Aulzhausen;- AVV-regional bus line 225: Augsburg-Untermainsbach-Inchenhofen;- AVV-regional bus line 229: Gundelsdorf-Oberbachern-Inchenhofen;- AVV-regional bus line 301: Augsburg Mulhouse Affing-Petersdorf-PE[micro]ttmes;- AVV-regional bus line 303: Augsburg Mulhouse Affing-Gebenhofen;- AVV-regional bus line 323: PE[micro]ttmes-Grimolzhausen.
WITH great expectations and much advertising hoopla, the downtown planners of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority took successful Metro Limited Bus Line 561 and turned it into Rapid Line 761 late this June, but not without grave consequences for its working poor ridership.
AVV-regional bus line 310: Unterach - Langweid,AVV-regional bus line 410: Augsburg Nord - Meitingen - Thierhaupten - Baar - Rich Stein (- PE[micro]ttmes),AVV-regional bus line 411: local traffic Thierhaupten,and AST-230 transport: Unterbaar - Aichach.