bus topology

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bus′ topol`ogy

Computers. an arrangement of computers on a local-area network in which each computer is connected to a central cable through which data is channeled.
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Noun1.bus topology - the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar
network topology, topology - the configuration of a communication network
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On the other hand, power consumption tests have shown that while AMD uses less power per core than Intel does, the Infinity Fabric appears to burn more power than Intel's ring bus topology.
Notes for table 1: (1)--implementation dependent, standard does not defines this variable; (2)--topology can be both bus and star, depending on devices used; (3)--can have any topology, but most devices support bus topology; (4)--CAN is a synchronous bus with Collision Resolving (CR), (not Collision Detect (CD) as in Ethernet), it transmits messages deterministically; (5)--use a special frame format made by master device, which are read from and written to by slave devices, this ensures synchronicity of bus control at all times; (6)--for MODBUS implementation; (7)--regular and extended frame format; (8)--TCP and UDP protocols respectively; (9)--MODBUS implementation strictly regulates length of a message.
Even though a star topology provides better network performance than a bus topology, the additional equipment increases the cost.
"It also provides platform-level information on the bus topology and lets the system integrator customize the SoundWire subsystem without changing the operating system and drivers."