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(Zool.) See Potto.

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The Foot Safari is where you will discover our latest arrivals; giraffe Alexander and Orbit, our meerkat mob, the bush dogs and their babies, tapir and much, much more.
Other recent additions include an interactive talking tree and leafcutter ant exhibition, while bush dogs and a falconry centre are also on the way.
Other recent studies have focused on the natural history of the species in the Atlantic Forest (Beisiegel, 1999; Beisiegel and Ades, 2002); on methods of attracting bush dogs for research in Paraguay's Mbaracayu Reserve (DeMatteo et al.
On their exciting trip the children saw a number of animals such as: peacocks, meerkats, alpacas and bush dogs.
Bush dogs (Speothos venaticus) are the most common definitive hosts for E.
Bristling bears, barking bush dogs, odd okapi, tottering tapirs, ambling antelope, zany zebra, magical meerkats, reclusive red pandas, amiable anteaters and manic monkeys - and the new nature reserve.
THREE newly-born South American bush dogs are now beginning to show their faces to visitors at Twycross Zoo.
The natural fibre rope, at a cost of pounds 700, was purchased from Harpers Ropes in Wolverhampton, and will be used to furnish enclosures and to construct enrichment devices for birds, cats, bush dogs and primates.
The South American bush dogs were born following a first-of-its-kind vasectomy reversal on the pups' father.
As well as lions and tigers, Attenborough catches up with South American Bush dogs, creatures that have adapted to the swamps in which they live with the help of webbed feet.
Rodrigues bats, bush dogs, spectacled bears, bongos, ring-tailed lemurs, capybaras, coatis, chimpanzees, Asian elephants, giraffes, jaguars, lions, meerkats, spider monkeys, orang-utans, penguins, marmots, pudus, red pandas, red river hogs, Californian sealions, black rhinos, tamarins, tapirs, tigers, Galapagos tortoise, Grevys zebras