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(Zool.) See Potto.

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The park's Amur tigers, giraffes, meerkats and bush dogs have been joined by more than 80 animal sculptures - and they're staying for the whole summer holidays.
The winner in the photography category was 16-year-old Cameron Whiteside, who produced an outstanding shot of one of our bush dogs, and Cole Misters, aged 18, took the top spot in the graphic design class for his Carpathian lynx poster.
Young pigs and bush dogs make their zoo debuts See page 23
The successful candidates will be tasked with taking care of a range of animals, including South American bush dogs, Iberian wolves and meerkats.
However, these are not ideal habitats for this species because bush dogs avoid areas of agricultural matrix even in fragmented landscapes and choose natural habitats to live (Lima et al.
Other recent additions include an interactive talking tree and leafcutter ant exhibition, while bush dogs and a falconry centre are also on the way.
In Brazil, state-level red lists suggest a more critical status for bush dogs. The species is considered likely extinct in Minas Gerais (Machado et al., 2005), despite a recent record in the state after 170 years without a sighting (Braga, 2012).
On their exciting trip the children saw a number of animals such as: peacocks, meerkats, alpacas and bush dogs.
Bush dogs (Speothos venaticus) are the most common definitive hosts for E.
Bristling bears, barking bush dogs, odd okapi, tottering tapirs, ambling antelope, zany zebra, magical meerkats, reclusive red pandas, amiable anteaters and manic monkeys - and the new nature reserve.
THREE newly-born South American bush dogs are now beginning to show their faces to visitors at Twycross Zoo.